Interpretation of the eight most common doubts about cosmeceuticals


Interpretation of the eight most common doubts about cosmeceuticals

Cosmeceuticals have always had a different category in the beauty industry.

Maybe you have visited a cosmetics counter in a pharmacy, maybe you are a lover of cosmeceutical products, or you are just wanting to recommend your favorite cosmeceutical brand to your friends . And, at this stage China is still in the cosmeticsDo you really know enough about cosmeceuticals in the gray area in the middle of medicines?

May wish to have a professional opinion.

  Questions to Derm: My skin is particularly sensitive. Will it make my skin unbearable?

  To Dern: Does the cosmeceuticals all contain medicinal properties? Will there be a substitute for long-term use?

  Send it to Derm: Recently, several new cosmetics counters have been set up in a drug store near my house.

  To Derm: I and the old man are planning to have a baby. In this case, there are a lot of cosmetics and skin care products can not be used, it is really a headache.

I don’t want to become a yellow-faced woman who has no one to watch after the pregnancy in October. I wonder if it is suitable for pregnant women?

  To Derm: Before I was young and ignorant, I used a lot of messy cosmetics and also had a skin resurfacing operation, but the skin was getting worse and worse.

Can cosmeceuticals help me solve my problems?


What is cosmeceutical?

  ★ Cosmeceuticals are products recommended by dermatologists. They are neither medicines nor general cosmetics.

  ★ In general, the formula of cosmeceutical products is completely public and does not contain recognized allergens.

  ★ The active ingredients contained in cosmeceutical products have passed dermatological clinical tests.

  ★ Produced in strict accordance with pharmaceutical standards, the quality of natural products will also be better.


Is cosmeceutical cosmetic with medicinal ingredients?

  ★ In advance, cosmeceuticals do not refer to cosmetics containing medicinal ingredients, but skin care products produced in accordance with pharmaceutical standards.

  ★ Most cosmeceuticals are sold in major pharmacies or specialty drugstores.

  ★ Different cosmeceuticals replace different ones according to their different positioning and characteristics.

For example, Yiquan’s products with hot spring water as the core formula and Ou Cuibi’s products with plant as the core formula.


How to distinguish cosmetics from cosmeceuticals?

  ★ Cosmetics are generally sold through supermarkets, shopping malls, and chain stores, while cosmeceuticals are mainly sold in pharmacies and specialty drugstores.

  ★ The formula ingredients of cosmetics are not completely disclosed, while the formula ingredients of cosmeceuticals are completely disclosed, which can be seen on the packaging.

  ★ Cosmeceuticals have a clinical test basis, verified by a dermatologist, more effective, professional and targeted.


Is there a substitute for long-term use of cosmeceuticals?

  ★ Cosmeceuticals do not make skin dependent, because cosmeceuticals do not contain hormones that make skin dependent.

  ★ Cosmeceutical skin ointment for the long-term and short-term treatment of skin diseases. Its active ingredients have passed clinical tests by doctors and are safe and gentle.

  ★ Long-term use of skin ointments can cause damage to the skin, and can be used in place of cosmeceuticals and skin care products to reduce dependence on hormones.


They all say that cosmeceuticals are safe. Why are they allergic when using cosmeceuticals?

  ★ Any product may cause allergies, which is determined by various factors such as everyone’s skin condition and sensitivity.

  ★ Even if the cosmeceutical is very safe, it is not possible to completely eliminate the allergies of individual products to individual products.

  ★ If your skin is very susceptible to allergies, pay attention to avoid replacing products with strong fragrance and alcohol.

Can cosmeceuticals really penetrate the skin’s cells and improve the skin?
  ★ Yes.

Cosmeceuticals and skincare products contain a variety of effective ingredients, which can penetrate the inner layer of the skin and solve the corresponding skin problems.

  ★ Cosmetics mainly only work on the skin surface, but cosmeceuticals can really improve the skin cells or skin condition after acting on the skin.

  ★ The key is to choose the medicine and skin care products that are suitable for you according to your skin type and the skin problem you want to solve.


Can I use medicated makeup for sensitive skin?

  ★ Skincare is also suitable for sensitive skin, but it can avoid vitamin C, A acid, fruit acid, salicylic acid and other irritating ingredients.

  ★ Try to choose a product with a simple formula and more ingredients, so that people with sensitive skin may be allergic to certain ingredients.

  ★ Cosmetics greatly reduce the risk of allergies, so that sensitive skin can also experience a safe skin care experience.


Are cosmetics containing traditional Chinese medicine ingredients cosmeceuticals?

  ★ Containing traditional Chinese medicine ingredients does not necessarily mean that it is cosmeceutical.

  ★ Traditional Chinese medicine is the crystallization of the wisdom of the Chinese nation, some of which are skin care recipes passed down from generation to generation, and sometimes appear in medicinal makeup.

  ★ Judgment whether a product is a cosmeceutical or not is mainly based on whether it has disclosed formula ingredients and passed dermatological clinical tests.