Previous hand,But it is the test of each other.。

This time is a violent shot。
This moment of mysterious man,Siming the magic of the refined iron cast,I can’t say arrogant and overbearing。
A punch,The air is completely exploded.。
Turbulence fried and concrete。
Disclosure,At this moment, the Guardian Alliance Lord should have a strong and domineering。
He does not refund,The same punch。
No flower。
Two fists have been hard together,The sound issued is still like Hong Zhong Da Lu’s metal.。
The two all launched all the strengths.,No longer converge,Open a big way,Fierce confrontation。
Air constantly bursting,Ground continuous tremor。
The mysterious man feels too mad.。
His bombardment,It is inevitable that air burst。
Per move,More like a mountain peak is shaking。
But his speed is fast if lightning。
Jun is jumped in place,Then now, the scene in Huai。
He continues in the sky,Every step is overwhelming,Kick kick a mysterious man’s chest and skull。
This is one of his tricks.。
Usually people are unable to resist。
Step-by-step,Air is bursting in distortion。
When his third step is stepped out,Change。
There is a wind thunder in the air.。
His feet,Like stepped on lightning。
Mysterious man is a cold,I will not retreat at all.,Hold the left leg of the other side。
His fist is like a mountains.,The oppressed air is dramatic distortion。
Both collided,The sound of the sound is like a righteous righteous,
The mysterious man seems to have not given yourself.,The fist is suffering from the power of the other,And lightning energy,Although step in one step,But once again bombard。
Wind thunder is constantly issued,Half air waves are impact wave,Continuously spread toward the west。
The four-week guards have to retreat again.。
The two are too powerful.,I am afraid that the bastles of the collapse are all breathless.。
Summer in the distance,It is simply on a tree.,Although serious injuries,It is still looking forward。