This also makes the black hand hidden http://www.tianlaiba.cn behind the scenes,Habily,I want to kill him more.。
More than this。
He will also become a very dangerous person in the eyes of the energetic.。
Discuss,Can kill nine hegemonism……No matter which country’s law,I am afraid that he can’t limit him.。
Even if there is no idea in summer,Can stand in the other party,Certainly not welcomes people like him。
Including China’s law-free country。
No who dares to guarantee that he will abide by order。
Summer guess,It is not to make yourself in China.……After all, he used to be a heaven.,Many contributions to this country。
But someone secretly obstructs……For example, the Guardian Alliance。
Why,Nothing wants to extend his time abroad,Let those people who want to kill him continue to shoot。
This is the impact of this battle。
So I have the http://www.jlcmy.cn caller of Jiang Luo Shen.,Ask him to help save people。
There is reason to go back at the time.。
“I am with you.。”
Xianti opening,“Anyway, I am free.。”
Summer shink,“Just ordinary rescue,Those kidnappers are not a wind wave。”
“If this is also the bureau of others.?”
Xian Tao。
Xianti said slowly,“You said just now.,Kidnapped,Is an acquaintance you know,And is a rich business,He talks about business in rice,But it was kidnapped to Moxi……Is this not worth thinking about?,You also know what Moxi is a place.。”
Toned,She accelerates speed,Look straight to the summer,“You now seem to have a surface,But even I can feel that you are weak.,If you let others know what you really have,I am afraid that it will be more dangerous.,The front battle is actually nothing,But http://www.growthfull.cn dark arrow is difficult……”……Ultimate。
Summer is convinced by Xianti。
Both people are happy,Leave Preto immediately。
After half-day, I took the flight to Mozi City, Mosso, Mozo.。
Mosi is a typical Latin American country。
Share and beautiful,But it is also a violence and crime.。
Especially the drug is rampant,People who take drugs can be seen everywhere,And the local government is in powerless。
Even under some situation,Trafficking gangs’ forces and local officials collude,Public security situation is very bad。
Hong Kong City Rich Gu Haizhong,It is hijacked to Moss City.。