Lin Feng’s figure came to the three people,Looking at the golden tyrants lying in the bloody and Pu Wangba,This two people are very miserable。

The snake is deadly looked at the two people.:“Need no need to do again?”
“Do not,no need,I say!”Park Wangfei shakes the voice:“What do you want to know,I asked me directly.。”
“This is almost!”Snake is dead to look at Lin Feng Road:“Maple,What is the problem?。”
“A map,Keeping a map,Growth area of the gods of the gods,And white tiger,I heard that you have a white tiger.,There is also a news of the blood knife,There is75%Map message。”Lin Feng looked at the two people。
“Yes,Yes!”Park Wangfei shakes the voice。
The snake is idiocuty, and I took out a notebook and a pen with the body.,Then I handed it to Pu Yiba。
Pu Wangba slutted hand painted the map。
“Mix,Park Wangba,You blends!”Kim Bawang,This is anger。
“Humph!”Lin Feng snorted,Directly,Pressing on the chest of the King King,Kim Bawang screamed,Sternum,Die,The body is very fast.。
“Five poison!”Park Wangfei shakes the voice。
“Faster!”Lin Feng cold road。
“Yes!”Park Wangweic halt bus,And after writing various information,For life,This is spelling out.,Soon a piece of information is organized。
“There is also a biochemical test!”Lin Feng cold road。
“this,Lee,I beg you not to kill me.!”Park Wangba heard the face of his face。
“I don’t kill you.!”Lin Feng faint:“Say!”
“The biochemical test is actually experimenting a drug,It is the three Star Empire Biological Co., Ltd.,This drug is injected,You can make an ordinary person master the power level。”Park Wang Hegemony。
“You are looking for people’s experiments?”Lin Feng asked。
“Do not,How can we use the country’s person to test,You also know that our Empire is economically developed.,Many people want to work on our side.,So we will from China,Southeast Asian region convened migrant workers,We use these migrant workers!”Pu Yiba explained:“Especially in the Chinese people。”
“how many people?”Lin Feng heard the killing of his heart。
“Ten thousand people,in70%Chinese people。”Park Wang Hegemony。
“How much success rate??”Lin Feng heard the words。
“This rarely failed。”Park Wangbair with excitement:“Just lack some drugs,Otherwise, we can make millions of people.,Direct assault,Murder,Established a huge Empire!”Park Kawa seems to forget the pain。
Bring a fanaticism in the eyes。
“Your government is also involved.?”Lin Feng suddenly:“Or your government is the leader of them?”
“This is of course,The government is actually a few families.。”Park Wangbao said:“Lee,Do you want us to cooperate?,My Guanlin is small is the people in Southeast Asia.,so,We can divide Huaxia,how?I think you must be interested.?”
“Do not,I’m not interested!”Lin Feng cold road,He took a slap in the palm,The slap in the brain bone of Park Baiba。
Pu Wangba’s brain bone is directly shot by Lin Feng,Then,For such a fanatic molecule,Staying in the world is a scourge。
“The ambition of these people is very large。”Snake is dead frown。
“We can’t worry,Dragon,Tang family,Sheah,There are also those who are not yet vegetarian.。”Lin Feng stands up:“Don’t look at us, ask so much news,I think these news they have already mastered。”
“makes sense。”Snake is idiots。
“Let it go,We left here。”Lin Feng talking to the waist,Looking for two metal sheets from the skull of the two。