“Oh oh”Spring is immediately exposed to the sterility,Put on the broken water。

“correct,Your bloodline limit has not been named,Think one”Demonstrate。
“That is called milit colors.”
“Armed colors?Name is good,Very idea”
The agency is not concerned.,Anyway, there is no blood.,What is the name, she is not too concerned?,There is no need to call what is like。
But this effect,A little similar steel,But defense is better than steel,Can also isolate energy,The effect is much better than steel。
Steel scrap by flame http://www.banyn.cn and thunder,Armed colors are different,Is not a lot of manufacture,I can only use it to defend my body now.。
Just because of the role,Will so powerful!
“Where is this going?”Spring asked。
“Drifting for so long,We also be shore.,The front is the country of Iron”The apeer is watching the coast of the distance.。
“warrior!Knife!”Spring, one earthquake,Of course, what is the country of the iron?。
Although the agency usually does not hit him,But everything is practicing him,I have to know that she hasn’t gambling for a long time.,I have been waiting at the sea。
This is also for the cultivation of Spring.。
Now, he let him go to the country of Tie to carry out more in-depth knife cultivation.,Spring is also very moving。
“I haven’t gambling for a long time.,This time, you must have a good play.,Just floating http://www.neihangu.cn to the country of iron,We are here on the shore”Exciterate。
The last spring is still a further knife cultivation,Mainly the apeer quickly looked.。
And the people she know here have only three ships.,Although I didn’t borrow money,Three boats still look at the face,Let Spring AC。
Sparks,Black knife and another snow-lit knife light in a non-stop collision。
Spring is looked at the opponent in front of you.,Very strong,Obviously ordinary sword,Can also make Spring feel pressure。
Opponent,Indifference,There is a tattoo on the bald head,Two knives cross forehead,A more straight through the eyes。
And the eyes are closed,It seems that it is the same as Quan.。
However, the strength is really strong.,Similarly very stable knife,But it has given a very big oppression of Springs.。
“Ha ha,Three boat,My disciple’s knife is good.”Laughter。
Bag with bandage,Three boats left behind behind the face,Wearing a touch,Looking at the spring on the court,Nodding。
彷如水流一般的攻击,It’s ending。