“I rubbed,4Billion big gods!”

“Nima,It’s too embarrassing.?15Year time!”
“Did God crazy??”
“Not mad,Especially the temple,People who have the power of the secret hall like this thing.,They have more convenient tasks.,This thing is even for the Dange of the emperor。”
“good,Together20Second-rate,Almost no need to consume。”
“Even1More than 10,000 gods are also worth it。”
Many elder discussion of Many Monte Temple,Looking at Lin Yu’s eyes have changed,This Nima pure is a small might.。
“good,good,Boy,You are a talent,Tiger father without dog。”The emperor smiled and looked at Lin Yu,And after watching Lin Feng。
“The temple is polite.,Underestimate,I don’t engage in these Wuqi eight things all day.。”Lin Feng is a little angry.。
“Lin Temple is less,You can not be happy in your heart.。”At this time, the heelous and cold voice came.:“Genus,This is your private,What are you doing??If it is contributing to the temple,Qualifications。”
“I naturally have my truth.,I let him come just talk about the truth.,I asked the monetary master to give him support.,R & D is more powerful,For example, you can fight against the half-step god of the emperor.。”Dead:“Even higher levels of swearing,Once,The membership of the Shentou Temple will be renewed.,Lead a trend in the world。”
Chapter 1735 The fierce http://www.dwwsa.cn debate on the temple
“Genus,You are a monk。”Hegemony God heard the cold:“This kind of thing is probably the limit is,What another?It’s just a crap.。”
“good,This is impossible,Violate the principle。”
“It is already the limit of this level.。”
“It is impossible to make more powerful bombings.。”
Many talents of the heavens have the proposal against God,If it has passed the resolution,Lin Feng, the power here, I am afraid it will fly again.,Pressing the people of their factions。
“Ha ha,All the civilizations are in the past,In that very old past,Past past,Zhu Tianheng Lingling is not open,Even if the saint is rare,Not a step by step?The Lingbao, which is made, is just three-flow goods.,Such as the world,The latter artifact can refine。”The ground god haha laughed。
“Since we find new things, we should http://www.cctv-zhongjiangzhihui.cn accept,In this way, we can reflect our Hai Nahuan.,Unpackable mind,Especially your elders should give some opportunities for the yourself.。”The town of the town directly pointed to the heroism, etc.。
“Humph,Opportunity is the opportunity,The chance to give young people is enough.,Anyone must do things according to the rules of the Temple。”Hegemony:“In short, this thing violates the rules of the temple。”
“Mound。”Plumber is also alarmed:“We must distinguish,This kind of thing is very new,Can you find something similar in the gods??Very developed potential,Lin Temple is very young,This is the son of Lin Temple,More young,Almost the next generation of characters,Have such a achievement。”
“I see some elders can’t see the achievements.,Jealous。”The knife king is soaked。
“Is there a copy you talk??”Hegemony is cold and cold looking at the knife。
“Why don’t I qualify??I am the old man of the fire.,This kind of refiner is extremely advanced.,Representing another genre with the gods,Nowadays appeared in the Shentou Temple,Our temple must naturally support。”The knife king is carrying hands smiling。
Hegemony is cold:“Xian Tianjian,Don’t you comment??”
“This thing hits the rules of the temple and the things of the fire,I don’t intervene。”Xian Tian Sword smiles:“But it’s really good.,I hope I can give some power to my Hall.,The temple naturally won’t treat this group of people.。”
“Humph,See kind!”Hegemony,This fairy sword is 80% of the oil in this.,Directly see the wind。
Just when everyone continued to discuss this thing, the voice of the Emperor sounded,Suddenly, the whole temple is quiet.。
“Lin Temple,How do you think this??”At this time, the emperor’s eyes overlook Lin Feng Road.。