When the two swordsmans rushed all the way to the third campus in front of the general altar of the world,I just saw a group of people rushing up from the stairs above。

The first person wearing a golden dragon gown,Sword eyebrow and beard,There is a domineering air between Gu and Pan。
“Tyrant!”Li Chenfeng’s eyes lit up,A secret voice in my heart。
Sword Demon glared wide open,Beard and hair,Standing there like a sword,Not angry。The whole body magic flame,Also worthy of the name of the sword demon!
“Hahaha!Tyrant,I thought you dare not come out to see the old man。how,Bring so many people to embolden yourself?”
Looking at Xiongba and the many martial arts masters behind him,Sword Demon laughed tauntingly。
A trace of anger flashed in Xiongba’s eyes,But the complexion remains the same,Indifferently:“Although I do not dare to say that martial arts is respected,But among those who can scare me,But without you sword demon!”
The sword demon puts away his smile,Two sword intent appeared in the eyes,People will feel the sting of eyes。
“It seems that the old man hasn’t been out for a long time,Many people have forgotten the reputation of the old man,So today, take you, the master of the world,To reshape the power of the old man!”
The voice falls,The sword demon no longer bothers,Body jumped up,Like a big Peng spreading its wings,Waving his hand in mid-air to shed sword spirit,Attacked the tyrant。
Move under the foot,A move in Fengshen’s legs hurriedly used,Body shape into phantom,Disappeared instantly,After a sharp leg shadow,Kicked out the sword demon’s head in midair。
Li Chenfeng looked at the two people fighting in the field,Squinting eyes slightly。
Although Li Chenfeng hasn’t really worked with others in the past two years,But he is confident that his martial arts is not inferior to those famous players。
It’s just that I really saw the battle between the hero and the sword demon.,So he realized that although his strength is good,But in front of a master of this level,It’s really just good!
opposite,Except for the masters in the World Club,There are also people from all major sects who should have taken refuge in Tianxiahui。
Except for the people of the World Congregation headed by Qin Shuang, watching the battle in the field,With a worried look on his face,The faces of the other martial artists are different at this time,No one knows what is in my mind。
The more he fights, the more frightened,Since debut,The male tyrant can be considered as having experienced numerous battles,Can suppress yourself from the first fight,Really not。