“magician,I must tell you the truth,That is, the Lakers without Kobe are just a mess,Shaq alone,The Lakers are just a playoff-level team。”

“Ok,It seems that Kobe’s importance to this team is far beyond our expectations。”
Chapter Sixty Nine Little Elvin(Ask for votes)
The Lakers locker room was a bit dull after the game,Two consecutive losses to the league’s bottom team,Very damaging players’ morale。The players are stuffed,Even Harris looked gloomy。
Harris really disliked the team’s performance today,Only one Kobe is missing,The team’s offensive system completely collapsed,This is something he cannot tolerate。
Although the young Lakers,Average age is too young,Experience too little。When they encounter setbacks,Inevitably lost。
Kobe knew this was the way the team had to go,The road to the championship will never be smooth sailing,A small failure now is a stepping stone for future success。Teammates need to get out of it by themselves,find out the problem,Become stronger
This is also something Kobe is worried about,If teammates completely pin the game on Kobe and O’Neal,They will always be targeted,A day locked in。
Wait till that day,Can teammates stand up to break the shackles?
The current Lakers players do not have this ability。Then I can only exercise them a lot。
Kobe knows what he can do,He is now fully capable of blasting out in some games40Minute,But this is not the best for the team。He needs to accompany his teammates to grow together,Otherwise just rely on him and O’Neill,Impossible to win the O’Brien Cup。
Kobe has long passed the age of being pushy,Now all he wants is championship and glory。
“Hi,Kobe。”The magician found Kobe in the locker room,Tomorrow happens to be a weekend off,They made an appointment to be a guest at the magician’s house tomorrow。