1.75 meters tall?

Zhang Zihao remembers that the basic data of each player was updated on the official website before the Winter Training,Including height and weight,Hu Lai seems to have grown to 1.78 meters,The weight has also increased to 66 kg。
This data is really behind……
But think about this height and weight data should also be collected by the investigator from the official website of Flash Star,Maybe the height of Hu Lai last season was indeed 1.75 meters。
It doesn’t matter,It will be correct until the winter transfer database patch at the end of March next year is applied.。
Zhang Zihao pays more attention to Hu Lai’s attributes。
Technical attributes,Pass4,Pass3,Marking1,Penalty kick4,technology3,Corner kick2,Foul ball1,Dribbling2,Steal1,Free kick2,Shot7,Stop the ball8,Header6,Long shot3。
Spiritually,Defensive position2,Work engagement3,concentrated4,decision6,leadership3,Aggressive3,Vision4,teamwork8,Run without the ball9,Imagination5,Willpower5,Brave4,Predict6,Calm7。
Physical attributes,explosive force5,bounce6,flexible8,endurance6,balance7,strong3,speed6,constitution8。
“What the hell is this?!”After reading all the data of Hu Lai,Zhang Zihao made a strange cry in the dormitory。
“Mouse, are you screaming, what are you doing loudly??”Roommate was taken aback by him。
“《Champion Godfather2023》Is the data so inaccurate??”Zhang Zihao pointed to his computer screen and said excitedly,“What kind of data is this Hu Lai?what?Only seven shots!?Only eight stops?!There are only nine without the ball!All the data does not even have a two-digit number!Dare you believe?!”
Roommate heard him say that,Slip off the bed,To see in front of his computer:“It’s terrible,The gray numbers of this blockbuster,I thought it was a gray player from the system……wrong,The ones that come out are better than this!”
“The best scorer in the Stars team last season,Hu Lai who scored 11 goals in half a season,That’s it?”Another roommate came up too,After reading Hu Lai’s data, the same complaints。
The third roommate was lying on the bed and did not move,His voice came from above:“Normal,Flash Star is only a team。Originally, the Chinese league is not very much appreciated,This is especially true in China’s lower-level league……Moreover,Even the Chinese Super League did not make every team have investigators,Our flashing star is in a managed state,Usually the investigator of Chongshan Qianfan takes care of it,How can people give the data of the first team in their hearts?It is estimated that the investigator has not even watched Hu Lai’s game,Just fill in just a few words from the news。”
Zhang Zihao looks at the game interface on the laptop screen,Frowned and complained:“I spent more than 100 to buy one《Champion Godfather2023》I just want to coach Hu Lai?As a result, Hu Lai just,Then I’m still playing a fart!《Champion Godfather2022》Doesn’t it smell?”
“Use the editor to change it yourself……”Roommate persuaded。
“No way。”Zhang Zihao shook his head,“Hu Lai is such a great player,I don’t allow other people to think he is a gray trash。This data is to be ridiculed when it is posted online to Hu Lai……”
“What can I do if I am laughed at?”