Jiang Fan feels Wang Jiadong may be a little tired,Plus his legs are inconvenient,Just knocked on the door,Went in,Seeing Gu Zhuo was watching what they brought,After he smiled at her,I took the purple tea set from the desk and came out。

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First18chapter What kind of leader leads what kind of soldiers
Fan Wenliang opens,Is a pot and four small cups。He held up the little pot and said:“Even though i don’t understand these,But I can see that this is a well-made pot,Body shape、Smooth lines、Proportional coordination,And the workmanship is exquisite and meticulous、Smooth pot surface,Still have money,Is a good thing。”
Jiang Fan said:“Xiaoding said,Minister knowledgeable,Just give it,Dare not fool him with ordinary goods。”
Wang Jiadong says:“Thank you for your kindness,Too precious,I want to choose a good day to open the pot。”
Fan Wenliang laughed,Say:“I really met an expert,Still open the pot,I heard it for the first time。”
Wang Jiadong smiled,Said:“You are too humble,I am an idler now,When it’s okay,A little bit of useless knowledge。”
Fan Wenliang said:“These leisurely things,Besides knowing a little about calligraphy,I don’t know anything else,But I heard Secretary Qin said,Purple clay teapots pay attention to monogamy,That is, a purple clay teapot is best to only make one kind of tea。”
Wang Jiadong says:“indeed so,But for ordinary people,So the tea leaves are made in one pot,I did that,But for this pot,I need to concentrate,I have something to do now。”
Fan Wenliang said:“Xiao Ding’s original intention was to find something for her Minister。It takes time and interest to raise a pot。”
Wang Jiadong said happily:“it is good,I’m going to concentrate on this pot later,I’m going to make fried noodles。”
At this moment,Old Gu stood at the door,Said:“Minister Wang,Discuss something with you,Can I make this diced pork sauce?”