Today is Laba Festival. Do you drink Laba porridge?


Today is Laba Festival. Do you drink Laba porridge?

All along, there is a custom of drinking porridge on the first day of the twelfth lunar month, that is, drinking a bowl of hot porridge on the coldest day of the year.

There are many kinds of sayings about the origin of Laba porridge. It is said that it is related to the Buddha’s enlightenment, so it is also called “Buddha porridge.”

In the early years of the Republic of China, Xuzhou poet 绁丠an Yun’s poems once mentioned: 鈥淚f you want to scream for the Buddha porridge, you will be the master of the altar.鈥?It is also said that Zhu Yuanzhang’s experience is small.

In short, the majority of the people in southern Xinjiang, northwestern Jiangnan, northeast, and northwestern areas still retain the custom of eating Laba porridge.

The material of the Laba porridge in ancient times, there are not many materials, only glutinous rice and red beans.

Why use red beans, in addition to its spleen and dampness effect, there are some superstitious colors.

In ancient times, superstition believed that “red beans fight ghosts” can drive away those infected people who are sick.

Especially on the first day of the twelfth lunar month, the red bean porridge can be plagued by plague.

Therefore, even if the child does not like to eat, the adult must have a half bowl to let him drink.

In Xuzhou, Jiangsu, there is also a strange local custom: to drink Laba porridge from other people’s homes, saying that it is such a strong body.

The ingredients of superstition are not listed. In the old days, there were not many food reserves. The raw materials of Laba porridge were different, and they were exchanged with other people’s homes. Instead, they could eat a variety of foods and have more comprehensive nutrition.

By the time of the Southern Song Dynasty, people seemed to be rich in life, and there were more than one or two kinds of food in Laba porridge.

Zhou Mi’s “Wulin Old Things” said: “Use pecans, pine nuts, milk thistle, dried persimmons, dried chestnuts and the like to make porridge, which is called ‘Laba porridge’.

“After then, the more and more materials, the more attention-oriented people even divided the raw materials of Laba into two categories: “grain” and “fruit”: the grain includes the former rice, glutinous rice, barley rice, corn, millet, barley rice,High glutinous rice, green beans, red beans, etc.; fruit has red dates, chestnuts, lotus hearts, pine nuts, hazelnuts, ginkgo, peanuts, lotus seeds, longan, lychee, longan, dried lily. Let’s pay attention to it, after the glutinous rice porridge is good, the porridge surface needsSprinkle with blue and red silk, candied orange peel and so on.

The porridge material said that it would be a boring work.

In the old Beijingers, in the first seven nights of the twelfth lunar month, they have to get five more. First, use a hard fire and continue the small fire.

A good first pot of porridge, possessed by the ancestors, two pots of porridge for the family to eat.

However, in Guangdong, the custom of simmering and simmering in Laba porridge is rare.

To talk about porridge, Cantonese people prefer the raw porridge that is known for its fineness.

The so-called raw porridge, that is, the use of the already porridge bottom, and then add other raw materials such as lean meat, pig liver and so on.

The porridge bottom of the raw porridge is the porridge with Jiang Yaozhu, earth fish or pork bones.

Whether it is the skinned pork porridge, the champion and the first porridge, or the boat porridge, the porridge bottom is the key to this whole bowl of porridge.

To make a good porridge, the trick is to have a good time, and be sure to follow it at all times.

In general, the porridge shop puts the porridge in a large pot and keeps the temperature with a very fine fire. In addition, a few small stoves are opened, and after the porridge bottom and fresh ingredients are used, the casserole is quickly simmered.

Compared with the Laba porridge cooked for many hours, this approach may be more in line with the Guangdong people’s pursuit of 鈥渇resh鈥?ingredients.

In the cold winter, the bowl of hot Laba porridge must be excellent?
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