The problems you will encounter when you start breastfeeding

The problems you will encounter when you start breastfeeding

The nipples are too small to highlight some of the problems you may encounter when you start breastfeeding. The nipples are too small and not too prominent. This will cause your child to suck difficultly and will get better over time.

At first, you can put a pacifier on the nipple for your child to suck, or use a breast pump.

In addition, mothers often massage their breasts during prenatal practice.

Of course, the most effective massage is a child’s lips.

  Children cannot suckle. Children are weak (especially premature babies) and have no strength to suckle.

Your child needs breast milk when she grows up. At this time, you should squeeze the milk and feed it with a bottle or injection.

Because of deformity (cleft lip or cleft palate) or infection, such as thrush, the child cannot eat milk. She can also squeeze the milk and use a bottle (with a special pacifier) to feed her.

  Children are unwilling to breastfeed. Although the child is born at full term, the child is still in a half-sleep state, as if not hungry.

This situation is rare.

If it appears, it is impossible to wake him up. If necessary, use a wet bath glove to wipe his forehead and temples. After two or three days, he will “wake up” and can feed normally.

In the meantime, in order to make your milk secrete, you have to milk the way your child feeds to stimulate the breasts.

  Milk comes out late or milk comes out slowly. First of all, don’t worry about your mind, because people’s mental state is related to milk secretion, especially in the first few weeks, milk secretion is irregular.

The more anxious the mother was, the more milk she couldn’t get out.

Everyone around you knows the situation appropriately.

The effect of mental state is very direct. Some doctors believe that forcing a mother who is unwilling to breastfeed to feed her child often fails.

On the contrary, for those willing to breastfeed, any hope will succeed.

  At the same time, excessive fatigue will increase, reduce and hinder milk secretion.

Take proper rest at this time.

  In fact, there are two real ways to stimulate milk secretion: let the child suck the two nipples regularly in turn; after each feeding, squeeze out the milk from both breasts.

  Finally, in order to keep the breasts full of milk, Xi ‘s breastfeeding interval is lengthened. At this time, Xi ‘s baby is fed with milk.

However, the child may become accustomed to sucking the bottle and refusing to absorb the mother’s nipples, which will eventually stop the secretion of breasts that are already difficult to produce.

Due to your child’s growth needs, your doctor may recommend breastfeeding at the same time as, for example, some milk.

If you feed your baby with a bottle, the opening of the pacifier should be smaller to prevent the milk from flowing too fast.

  If the mother pays attention to the above points, the inability to breastfeed the child may become a very individual situation, at least partly meet the child’s needs.

However, some mothers persisted for a few days and gave up breastfeeding without success. This is unfortunate, because some mothers have relatively slow milk secretions within fifteen days or even three weeks.

  When you have no milk or very little milk after three weeks of effort, you can replace your child with artificial replacement.

Even so, you have to feed the children yourself.

  Finally, it should be added that some mothers still breastfeed their children very well if they have very small breast cancer.

Plump breasts and rich milk are not the same thing.

  It is normal for children to snore.

If the child is not endless, give him a bottle of water or let him eat some breast milk. You can also make him feel comfortable while saying something intimate until the interval stops.

  Breast pain due to separation during breastfeeding can occur when there is too much milk in the breast.

To alleviate the pain, the best solution is to apply fibrous gauze (or towel) moistened with alcohol or a dressing coated with anti-inflammatory agents for fifteen minutes.

Then squeeze the milk and repeat this a few times a day.

It has also been suggested to apply ice, but also squeeze the milk.

If you have pain during breastfeeding, squeeze out your milk before feeding it with a bottle.

Squeeze more each time, this will ease your pain.

  Breast swelling is not a big problem, but it should be prevented.It’s empty, which is also my point.

  Children are greedy. Some children are very greedy and eager to eat. In a hurry, he swallowed as much air as breast milk. As a result, he couldn’t breathe, sneezed, coughed, and then spit out a lot of milk.

In this case, you have to stop breastfeeding and keep your child warm.