4 good habits to make your feet happier


4 good habits to make your feet happier

Have you ever thought about how to care for your feet?

They suffer unexpected “harm” every day: stiletto heels concentrate most of the body’s weight on the front of the feet, causing a huge squeeze on the toes; the flip-flops are too thin to cushion the pressure, causing the soles to stickThe pain is unbearable; shoes that are too small may even deform the feet and will harden the skin on the heels or soles, making the skin of your feet no longer tender.


hzh {display: none; }  除了偶尔的足疗之外,双脚几乎很少再得到任何重视—— 于是,它们用酸、疼、胀等痛苦警告你。We offer you the beauty of feet, help you solve the most common foot wounds, make your feet healthy and light and beautiful!


Keep your feet dry. There are abundant sweat glands in your feet. Foot odor and beriberi caused by temperature and humidity are prone to localized pus, so keep your feet dry.


Exfoliating callus tissue protects against trauma, but at the same time makes your feet rough.

It can supplement horny products with moisturizing ingredients and smooth foot skin.


Soften the foot skin. In order to make the foot skin more moist, do you apply a thick lotion on the feet?

That way, after putting on shoes, you will feel that the soles of your feet are very sticky and slippery.

You can try to use an oily bath salt with a peeling effect when taking a shower, so that the skin on the feet becomes softer.


For cracking, calluses on sore skin and feet can crack when too dry.

Previously, ingredients such as honey and high-moisturizing cream accumulated dry and cracked foot skin.