How to use toner is the right way


How to use toner is the right way

We all know that toner is the first and most basic step in skin care.

But in fact, many people’s use method is not very correct, let’s take a look at the correct use of toner with Xiaobian.

  Hello there!

Hello everyone, today I bring you a little knowledge about toner.

Toner is an essential skin care product in the skin care process, and every girl knows its purpose and essence.

So I wonder if you have paid attention to these problems when you use it?

Should the toner be taken carefully or wiped with a cotton pad?

What kind of lotion is suitable for wet compresses?

How should I choose a cotton pad?

If you want to know, just look at it.

  I believe that every little fairy has one, two, three, four.
Bottle of lotion, if you do n’t have lotion after cleansing, you do n’t feel the whole skin care step is complete!

Of course, in skin care products, the use of lotion is accelerated because it can be used for wet compresses, water films and so on in addition to skin care once a day and night.

  How to use the correct method of toner 1.

Is the lotion patted with a hand or a cotton pad?

  I believe that most of the little fairies have cleaned their face by pouring lotion on the palm of their hands to pat directly on the face. This method is also feasible, but I want to remind the little fairies to wash their hands before shooting!

Because there are so many bacteria in our hands, it is easy to cause acne if we don’t wash it.

But Xiaobian here reminds the little fairies that if your cuticle is too thin or you have acne muscles, if you have closed mouth and red bloodshots, you ca n’t wipe it with cotton pads, because this will scratch the skin, the cuticle is too thin,Red blood will only make the cuticle thinner.

Both are good and bad, so the little fairies choose whichever suits them.


How to choose a cotton pad?

  Make sure you choose cotton instead of non-woven cotton.

  Because when rubbing with a cotton pad, there is friction on the skin, while cotton cotton pads have less friction on the skin, thereby protecting the skin.


What is a wet pack?

what is the benefit?

  Wet compress is a method of applying a cotton pad soaked with lotion on the face where it is needed to hydrate or calm the skin.

Drinking water on the skin can promote better absorption of skincare products.