The ten most delicious foods that make you fat in spring

The ten most delicious foods that make you fat in spring


Hot dogs, peppers, cheese hot dogs, peppers, cheese, and sometimes wrapped in cornbread are always associated with baseball games. These things are very small and contain a lot of sodium.

Eat these foods to gain weight and be careful!


Chocolate dark chocolate is good for the human body. It can be used to supplement the body energy in the spring. It has certain benefits to resist the spring sleep. Of course, it is very beneficial to gain fertilizer!


Morning tea is very popular in the morning tea. The typical morning tea can include the leftovers for breakfast, wrapped in sausages, cheese, mushy or creamy quiche, as well as round cakes, some sort of etc.It’s easy to make your fat food awkward.


Seasonings are similar to sautéed sesame sauce on asparagus, covered with whipped cream on strawberries, or mixed with high-transfer salad dressing to make the food more delicious and to increase the food content.


Drinks like ice cream drinks, iced coffee drinks, margaritas, tropical cocktails and smoothies are the favorites of spring leisure or making friends on the deck.

These liquid beverages can easily increase the number of additional humans in the hundreds.


Desserts are no exaggeration, full of nuts, and chocolate desserts are a calorie trap.

People who are afraid of being fat are not able to avoid it, but if you want to gain weight, jump into the trap!


Ice cream ice cream makes everyone scream for it.

As the weather gets warmer, the ice cream shop posts outstanding slogans outside.

Those cups of ice cream that are covered with candy and cakes and topped up are the best choice for you to get fat!


Salad spring, what is the most delicious food in the basket for the spring outing?

Sorghum, a highly metabolized mayonnaise salad, such as tempting chicken and potato salad.


The delicious barbecue spring is the golden time of the barbecue, thin people, and quickly go to the occupation of burgers, hot dogs, ribs and steaks.


Coconut spring popular shrimp, cream filling, cakes, biscuits, smoothies and many other dishes have coconut.

Coconut contains saturated fat, and 1 acetic acid sugary coconut has 129 calories and 8 grams of mash.

Usually coconuts are paired with other high-calorie foods, and at least fried coconut shrimp contain about 300 calories.