Tian Zhongxiong greeted Xiaolin,Dark road is a unfolding allies:“If I have not guess wrong,The appearance of this killer,Maybe my opponent also received a message from the owner’s missing news.,So I will test the details。”

People’s heart, if it is,Recently, in addition to the landlord disappeared in Hong Kong Island,No other storm,Tian Zhongxiong confident will not guess the wrong。
To say killers from Hong Kong Island……
hehe,He is not ignorant,How to see the knife is full of neon winds。
“It turned out to be like this,I look like I think more.,Mr. Xinxiong suffered a false home,Allies,I should take the power to。”Xiaolin nodded,A brother’s good allies gesture。
“hehe,Then I will work Mr. Xiaolin.,Let me see the nine-generation of the nine-generation。”
The two are talking about,Something sudden changes in the hospital,Liao Wenjie sweeps a knife,Behind the vain,Explicit a black giant pyth with a body length of more than ten meters。
Black giant roaring,A swim shock,Four bodyguards were broken to the ground。The giant spit and spoke twice,See Liao Wenjie has not responded,Dow open blood,Put four black daggers。
“That is a gallstick‘Black rope’Treasure knife,I remember it to serve the heart of the shrine.,How can I be here??”Xiaolin is awkward,Double-handed,Summate your style in the yard。
beside,Yangshi Yuzi also made the same action,Close to summon your own style。
Very familiar,Two style gods are the big samurai of the back of the black feather double wing,Plus the body length of ten meters,Let the yard seem to be crowded。
Liao Wenjie frightened,The first time I know that the Yinyang Master’s style has the same paragraph.,Instead of everyone is different。
Look this,Snowflared with air conditioners is not playing。
“Mr. Xiaolin,Move quietly,I am a businessman.,Don’t want to keep abreast of legacy。”Take a great time,Tian Zhongxiong reminder。
“certainly,Allocation,I don’t want to make too much movement.。”
Xiaolin nodded,Handed a look at the Yangshi,The latter touched two yellow characters from the arms,Higher word,Saving ahead。
Yellow-orally flying out,Nail in the sky,Follow,Yellow rays passed http://www.jxh08.cn away,Made of the manufacturing nephew to eliminate the possible possible possible。
Now,Liao Wenjie is called broken throat,The people outside can’t hear。
Tian Zhongxiong saw,Hand holding long knife into the courtyard,Hand knife falls to the four points,Blood sacrifice four faithful bodyguards。
Hooded,Blade flashed a black light,Then the flames make a black fog。
The giant can open the bloodpine,Body swim,Riding two big warriors,The gap on the body is caused by two styles.,Rushing up。
Xiaolin and Yuzi hands holding yellow characters to make hurricane,Assist ourselves,Sound is colored and the giant pyth。
“Leave you a life today,Tell you the people behind,My life is far more than one copy of the stone,I want him to take himself.!”Tian Zhongxiong avoids chaos battlefield,Hold the knife to Liao Wenji。http://www.seedk.cn
What is the murderous stone??
Liao Wenjie,Single hand grip down,Set of reports:“Ignorant guy,You don’t know what to do it.,Dealing with you a killing stone is enough。”
“Hahaha,Ignorant is that you are right.,And don’t say that you get just a replica,Even if it is genuine??”