Chinese medicine dialectical treatment of osteoporosis recommended drug therapy effective treatment

Therapeutic treatment of osteoporosis spleen deficiency syndrome is mainly characterized by low back and soreness, pain, weakness of the limbs, loss of appetite, pale complexion, pale tongue and white veins, and weak pulse.

This type is more common in people who have partial eclipse habits or excessive thoughts. The spleen loses health and is qi and blood biochemically passive, resulting in osteoporosis.

The attack should be spleen and qi, commonly used Chinese medicine including Angelica, Poria, Atractylodes, yam, etc.; commonly used prescriptions are Shenqi Baizhu Powder, Buzhong Yiqi Decoction.

Recommended: milk yam oatmeal materials: 500 ml of fresh milk, 100 grams of oatmeal, 50 grams of yam, 30 grams of sugar.

Method: Pour fresh milk into the pot, wash and peel the yam, cut into pieces with oatmeal, boil over low heat, stir while cooking, cook until the oatmeal, yam cooked, add sugar.

Avoid using iron pots.

Efficacy: yam spleen and kidney; oatmeal can reduce blood fat, prevent arteriosclerosis; milk supplement protein and calcium, has a strong macroscopic effect.

It is a spleen and kidney, strong kidney and calcium.

Liver and kidney deficiency type mainly sees weak waist and knees, back pain, five upset heat, dizziness, insomnia and more dreams, dry throat, red tongue and less moss, pulse breakdown.

This type is more common in female menopause.

The disease should be supplemented with liver and kidney. Commonly used Chinese medicines include Rehmannia glutinosa, medlar, hawthorn meat, and Alisma.

Chinese medicine believes that the liver stores blood, the main venting, its main function in addition to affecting the spleen’s transport function and the smooth running of blood, but also related to women’s menstruation, conception and milk secretion.

Therefore, in the treatment of osteoporosis, it is often necessary to add drugs that nourish liver and kidney.

Commonly used traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, such as Siwu Decoction, Liuwei Dihuang Pill, etc., can be taken together.

Recommended: Mulberry rice ingredients: 30 grams of mulberry, 30 grams of medlar, 8 grams of previous rice, 20 grams of sugar.

System of law: take mulberry, medlar, the previous rice scouring clean into the pot, add some water and add sugar, simmer and simmer into rice, when the staple food.

Mulberry selection of fresh products is appropriate.

Efficacy: mulberry, scorpion nourish liver and kidney, previous rice and stomach.

Kidney yang deficiency syndrome is mainly characterized by weak waist and knees, pain, lack of energy, long urine, weak pulse, pale tongue coating, and this type is associated with degenerative arthritis.

The onset of warming should be used to replenish kidney yang. Commonly used traditional Chinese medicines include Rehmannia glutinosa, Eucommia ulmoides, peony bark, hawthorn meat, antler gum, and yam.

Warming kidney yang can increase the concentration of gonad hormone in the body, increase the body’s immune function, strengthen osteogenesis, and delay and treat osteoporosis.

The commonly used traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions are Zuogui Pill and Yougui Pill.