What makes her angry is,These comments turned out to be all negative?

The most angry is,Turned out to be her so-called close comrades?
“Can you be humble?You want to go to heaven if you solve a world problem?”
“Why pick today to grab the hot search list!The official website announced three days ago that tonight is the date of Daming’s debut album, don’t you know??Congratulations,Successfully provoked Mingfan’s anger!”
“Deliberately?Pick the grandstand today!”
“I remember you followed Daming’s Weibo before,Like every day,I didn’t expect you to be a hidden fan!”
“You know how hard Daming is,Did you work hard to achieve today??You know he has a high fever39degree,Sing until the throat is hoarse,I almost refused to leave the studio because of heat stroke?Do not,I am oblivious,But I chose to waste all the hard work he had spent half a year on this day!you,Can you be an individual?!”
“Blow up your comment area,Sisters are going to teach you how to be a man today!”
I was shocked to see these Guo Xiaoyi!
This is to helpSbeginning,No need to add any modification in the middle,Then directlyBThe one at the end??
She turned out to be a member of this group before?
What makes Guo Xiaoyi feel ashamed is,Follow Qian Mingming before,And the things Qian Mingming likes on Weibo are all done by her,As a result, his brother’s Weibo has been labeled as a black fan?