“what?Young master,what happened?”Seeing Zhao Ming’s increasingly serious face,A Yin panicked。

“Humph,State law,Family rules。Follow the rules,What should I do if I offend Master??”Zhao Ming thought about it,Said。
“Family Law?”Ah Yin heard this word,The body trembles obviously。
“how?not talking anymore?”Zhao Ming continued to say in a calm voice。
“hit,Spanking!”Hands behind,A Yin’s low voice,Tremblingly。
“puff!”Zhao Ming couldn’t help but spit out old blood。
What did this dog system do to A Yin??
“Why is this rule so coughing?,This rule will be abolished in the future。”Zhao Ming said quickly。
“why?Didn’t you make this rule, Master??”A Yin’s eyes flashed with puzzled surprise。
I ordered?I’m wrong!I didn’t do anything!
“system,What did you do to A Yin?”Zhao Ming couldn’t help but curse in his heart。
How did that gentle and beautiful woman become like this?
“Cough,This system is wrong!Ah Yin only has a close person in his memory now,It can even be said that there is only the host alone,Of course it will involuntarily get close to the host。”
“This kind of intimacy or dependence is the instinct of every creature。”
“Is this what i asked you?What do the house rules say?I never said this。”
“Cough,This one,I’m not doing it for the host!”The system smiled wretchedly。