Qin Liang has a reward,Smirk,Get close to Shen Ruoxi。

“Really?Reward?Let me kiss?”
Shen Ruoxi gave Qin Liang a look:“You pervert,Just know,Don’t you think of something else?”
Qin Liang felt disappointed,Although he is a bit of teasing,But he still looks forward to it,Shen Ruoxi can kiss him,He will be happy。
Shen Ruoxi looked at Qin Liang who was disappointed,I feel a little proud,She likes to see Qin Liang deflated。
Humph,This fool,Don’t you know what I’m talking about?。Shen Ruoxi laughed in her heart。
Just when Qin Liang thought Shen Ruoxi would not kiss him,Shen Ruoxi suddenly approached Qin Liang,Kissed him on the cheek。
“Damn,Forget it,See you behave so well,Reward you。”
Shen Ruoxi took the initiative to kiss him,Qin Liang couldn’t react for a while,As if I were in a dream,He slapped his face hard,See if you are dreaming。
Soon the hot pain on the face,Prove he didn’t dream。
“I rub,What’s going on today?So proactive。”
See Qin Liang like this,Shen Ruoxi couldn’t help but chuckle。
have to say,Shen Ruoxi laughed,very beautiful,Especially her eyes,When laughing,Like to speak love words,Qin Liang couldn’t help but watch。
After lunch,Shen Ruoxi watched TV in the living room on the first floor,Qin Liang went to her room to pack her clothes。
Qin Liang opened Shen Ruoxi’s room and took a look,a mess,All messed up,He shook his head helplessly,Stoop to pack things。
Up and down,Back and forth,Qin Liang spent half an hour,Finally cleaned up Shen Ruoxi’s room,Pick up the clothes in the bucket,So I went downstairs to wash clothes。
Although Shen Ruoxi has been watching TV,But keep paying attention to Qin Liang,Seeing Qin Liang busy in her room,Help her clean up,A happy smile on her mouth。
Although she asked Qin Liang to do these housework,But as a big man, Qin Liang,Can totally reject her,But Qin Liang didn’t,But did it very thoughtfully,This makes Shen Ruoxi like eating honey。
Qin Liang took a big bucket of clothes and came to the washing machine,When he poured the clothes in the bucket into the washing machine,Suddenly attracted by the clothes inside,Still reach out。
When Qin Liang stretched out his hand,Shen Ruoxi walked towards the washing machine with a smile on her face,She wants to see if Qin Liang is doing laundry。