Hi!Shichahai Guan Xiaotong Wu Lei as a couple, Liu Peiqi show cooking

“Hi!”Shichahai” Guan Xiaotong Wu Lei as a couple, Liu Peiqi show cooking
On April 28, the TV series “Hi, Shichahai” played the classic “Cloud Promotion” at the 26th Beijing TV Show Fair (2020 · Spring), starring Lian Yiming, Zhang Lingxin, and Zhang Xilin as guest live rooms.As a native Beijing actor, Lian Yiming, Zhang Xilin said that the play is very kind, always reminding himself of Shichahai in his childhood, that heart belongs to the beauty in memory.It is reported that the play was officially killed early this year.Guan Xiaotong and Wu Lei are on the coast of Shicha.The picture comes from the network “Hi, Shichahai” is a vibrant family-warm urban drama, which mainly shows the daily work of ordinary people in entrepreneurship, old-age care, cultural relics protection, and many other aspects.Happy life.Lian Yiming was ridiculed for 70% of the character in the show this time, and was the “atmosphere” of the crew. He played Zhuang Zhibin, who was able to talk about good humor and value the meaning.Zhuang Zhicun, played by Zhang Xilin, is the eldest son of the Zhuang family and a cadre of the organization. He said, “Today, I was visiting the live broadcast room with my younger brother and younger sister, not alone. My emotional line in the play is rich and quite interesting.Zhang Lingxin, who plays Feng’er this time, is the wife of Zhuang Zhibin in the play. She has strong will and hard work.She said that her fate with “Hi, Shichahai” comes from the show’s full interest in Beijing flavor. At the same time, the charm of the show is not limited to regional characteristics, and even the organic integration of Chinese culture. Her role in the play is a foreign wife, thisThe character setting makes her feel natural and comfortable.Wu Lei and Guan Xiaotong stills.The picture comes from the Internet interview in the Air Force. The show star Liu Peiqi said that although he is not a Beijinger, he said bluntly in the interview, “I like everything about Beijing.Because it has flavor and profound cultural heritage.”I also laughed and said,” I love Beijing cuisine.”Wu Lei said that this drama allowed him to experience the life of the older generation in Beijing. The filming experience of this drama and his many years of life impression have built a complete Beijing impression.”Whether it is the original Siheyuan on the set, the eight pieces of Daoxiang Village that Jin Yan (played by Cao Cuifen) loved in the play, or the authentic Beijing style and life of the actors, they have become one of the unique business cards of New Beijing.The show also exposed some of the plots for the first time at the Spring Fair. Zhuang Weitian (Liu Peiqi) regrouped his culinary arts, proudly exhibited his culinary skills and won the awareness of foreign friends; his eldest son Zhuang Zhicun (Zhang Xilin) wanted to find true love after divorce,However, he was surrounded by a remarriage battle with his ex-wife Hui Xin (Niu Li); Zhuang Zhicun’s daughter Zhuang Xiaoxiao (Guan Xiaotong) met his own “Prince Charming” Xiang Dong (Wu Lei), but was confronted by Zhuang Weitian’S resolute opposition . The perseverance of the older generation, the breakthroughs and frustrations of the middle-aged, and the courage of the young to break the ice, finally revealed that only by their own hands and solid efforts, accompanied by the selfless support of the family, can you really gainThe profound truth of a happy life.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na proofreading Li Lijun