5 Detox Yoga Practices

5 Detox Yoga Practices

Go home from work every day. May also take 5-10 minutes to do 5 strokes detox yoga.

Although it is hard work, I believe that perseverance will not only become more energetic day by day, but also become more and more daunting!

  STEP1 is sitting on a chair, holding the left side of his back with his left hand, inhaling, extending his right hand backwards, opening five fingers, looking at the middle finger, maintaining 5 breaths, raising his hands up and back to the original position.

  STEP2 first sits on the chair in 1/3 position, puts his hands on the chair, then inhales, leaves his butt, leaves the chair with both hands to support the body, and tilts his head back.

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Modern people need it!

What poison does modern people have?

Because of environmental pollution and the food that is eaten is too delicate and usually processed repeatedly, unknowingly eating many substances that are not easily metabolized in the body.

  STEP3 maintains 5 breaths, and then slowly returns to the original position.

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Modern people are prone to “poo” due to abnormal diet, and they do not like sports. In the long run, the body will inevitably accumulate excessive toxins.

  STEP4 then relaxes, bends down, maintains 5 breaths, and then returns to the sitting position.

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Be careful, this means that you should develop the right lifestyle and exercise habits to help your body detox!

  STEP5 Finally, suppressing the junction of the index finger and the tiger’s mouth can help suppress appetite.