I saw the night, I was like a Thunder.,I suddenly drive into the rear of the shadow.。

Hold the village,The neck of the shadow is a cut。
Task requires him to“Catch”,So the night is not dare to use the blade。
If you accidentally cut people,Then his task has failed.。
Facing a sudden danger,Originally planned to retreat the shadow,The body is also a stiffness,The body does not have to respond。
But the snack of the night,Still inevitably blocked。
Although the shadow is not reacted,But as“Starter”Little peer,Reaction is quite rapid。
The vermicon is smashed with two small tales,Identally stopped,Night, I originally smashed the shadow of the shadow.。
Ziziki“Dragonfly”Starter of animal factors,Use a double knife,Have a unique advantage。
Two little too knives,As if it is your own arm,It can be said that it is a natural sword.。
“You actually want to hurt your father,Xiaobai wants to cut you into a fragmentation!”
The blindfold is a very angry,And look at the eyes of the night,Also quite with aggressive。
“Little girl,Actually, it is hacking.,Your father doesn’t teach you,Do you have a politeness??”
The sniper of the night is small,But as he broke out more stronger,Schizi Xiaoyi finished,Even people took a knife and was flying out.。
Looking at daughter hit into the wall,The 影 is also a fierce reaction.。
“Epitope”Start,Night body,Forceful,Demonstration。
“I thought that there was only waste in Tokyo.,I didn’t expect actually there is a strong。
You should also transform soldiers.,What are the troops before??Maybe we also know?。”
I didn’t think about the shadow,I thought it was the people who were all rookies.jgmiddle,A shark is still hidden。
For the identity of the night,The shadow is no doubt,It is definitely“Transform soldier”undoubtedly。
The strength of the shrine,Even in many“Starter”middle,The strength is also a tip.。
But just a lighting,Fall into the wind,The other party is absolutely impossible to be ordinary http://www.merryenglish.cn human。
Greater possible,Can only be the same as yourself“Transform soldier”。
“I am not your iron.,But a real human。”
“Your eye limits your imagination,The limit of the human body is absolutely more than your imagination。”
Night is repulsive,But there is no flying out,He just borrowed a ceiling,The distance between the two people again。
“Xiaobai wants to cut you into a lot of pieces!”
But the little Nai, who was flying before night,It’s again again to attack the night.。
Little Loli is like a mad,Expression is quite bloodthirsty,Red eyes have launched a violent attack on the night.。
And it is quite a time to play.,It is completely playing for injury.。
Seeing like a little bit of sick,Night is a frowning,Visible this child,Has been fully raised。
Looking at this is completely unspeakable.,This http://www.ping-yuan.cn little ghost,It should have been killed a lot of people.。