Are you worthy of me begging for mercy?”

Steward Tong heard,Immediately disdain。
boom!who knows,This is just finished。
Lin Yu raised his foot,Just give him a kick。
puff!Kicked up by Lin Yu,The child steward who kicked himself three meters away,Spit out blood。
“Do you still want to match now??”
After kicking,Lin Yu asked coldly again。
“on,Give me up。”
The kicked child housekeeper,Wiped the blood from the corner of the mouth。
Think of myself,There are more than a dozen beginner cultivators。
Shouted at the people next to me。
Some people hear,Even if you know you are not Lin Yu’s opponent,Also rushed up,Because I can’t go up,After I go back,Tong Family,I will avenge myself。
And Tong Guanjia who vomited blood,Saw these people rushing up。
Seeing that this moment is the chance to run away,I ran away in the direction I just came。
Run,Turning to look at Lin Yu behind,Shouted:“Humph!I really thought I could win Tong Lao,Is it too defiant??”
“Waiting for you to me,I’ll go back and tell the owner。”
“By the time,Patriarch is coming,That’s when you will die。”
“Lin Yu,Don’t let him run!”