Squeak,Qin Shi appeared behind Wan Zonghua,Wan Zonghua felt a little in his heart,The single page is prepared for this sudden situation。

Martial artist,Also have a pair of eyes behind!
Wan Zonghua’s feet are cleverly wrong,Turned around,Qin Shi has already punched out,This punch Qin Shi only used half force,Even one-tenth of the power is useless。
Because of these people,Not his enemy for now,So there is no need to put such a heavy hand。
and,The Manchurian may also threaten him in the future,Then let them know each other,Fully understand your own strength。
Although Qin Shi had only half of his lap,But in the eyes of ordinary people,But worth ten thousand catties!
Wan Zonghua frowned slightly,Secretly sigh that this kid is very explosive,Face this punch,Wan Zonghua backed Qin Shi’s fist with both hands,Remove the punch from all sides。
Qin Shi secretly said,interesting!
So ingenious and soft,This punch was simply handled by Wan Zonghua,It’s like hitting cotton,No threat。
Worthy of being an outstanding disciple of Taijimen,The understanding of Tai Chi is really unpredictable。
but,You take this punch with both hands,After that?
Qin Shi wanted to see what Wan Zonghua had for his family,So instantly kicked out another whip leg,Fast,Kicked out the wind。
Wan Zonghua is not in a hurry,Twist slightly,Make room for your hands,Then the forearm stroked closely along the calf attacked by Qin Shi,I’ve taken down this trick。
But it’s not over yet!
Wan Zonghua seemed to move the power of Qin Shi’s calf at the junction of the two.,This offensive was actually returned to Qin Shi。
This is to retreat,Overcome strength with softness。
How did your attack come,Just return it to you!
Of course Qin Shi can resist this attack,I didn’t even move my body shape。