“Don’t you want everyone to ignore me??That’s not easy,Can I just get off the bus??cut,Am i afraid?Think too much,Ha ha。”

Qin Liang is dressed as a wolf with a big tail!
“Crazy you!”
Yang Shiyun can’t laugh or cry,Reached out and hit Qin Liang lightly,Annoyingly。
“Brother-in-law, you won’t be joking and look impatient?”
Shen Ruoxue tentatively asked。
“What if i say yes?”
Qin Liang asked blankly。
“do not!Everyone is talking for fun,Not anxious。”
Shen Ruoxue believes it is true,Said to Qin Liang immediately in a hurry,Liu Xiaoyun did not speak,Just looking at Qin Liang’s eyes seriously,Observing the expression on Qin Liang’s face。
Qin Liangyi found Liu Xiaoyun was staring at him,Immediately looked away,He doesn’t look at her,What to do in case of a guilty conscience……It’s hard to think of using this method to scare them。
“Why can’t you be anxious?A group of you bully me,Don’t let me be anxious?You mean I can only be bullied by you obediently, right??”
Qin Liang asked rightly back。