Four coups to start romantic love

Four coups to start romantic love

You’ve been obsessed with a boy for a long time, and you really want to take some initiative, but you don’t know how he will react.

Maybe he will laugh at you face to face; maybe he will dodge you like Ebola in the days to come.

If there is a way to enable him to know your mind without making you look like a complete fool, that would be great.

Girls, you are the right place to ask this question, here are the four tricks to get started.

  Give a loving look Hey, the eyes are not called “windows of the mind”, your eyes are the best weapon to send a silent but strong message.

When your eyes stay on him for a few more seconds, your message is: I see you, I like you, let me walk into your life.

The problem now is that not all eye contact can achieve this effect.

The signal you send must be just right.

Attempt this step, the gentle, unguarded boy will never know what moved you.

Now-take a quick look at him, be careful not to stare at him (so it seems a bit nervous), and slowly let you “inadvertently” glance at an angle from top to bottom, that is, from the cheekbones under his browsFinally to the chin.

Look at his eyes every few seconds (even giving a playful smile).

Then, continue to “scan” his face (this needs to be done faster, in about seven to eight seconds).

He will assist you in observing him, but will not feel stared at you.

  How it works: Since you don’t have to say a word, this technique is ideal, even the most shy girl can try it.

If the information he returns is that he is not so interested in you (turn your eyes away from you), then it is not a big deal, after all, you have never really liked him, have you?

  Nothing touches the skin with the trick of “run and run” so he knows you care about him.

But before you act, know that this contact is very skillful.

If you use too much force, you might scare him away.

What you have to do is a quick non-verbal cues that shows you want to get closer to him.

For example, when you watched a volleyball match and swiped around him, he had no way of knowing if you hit him accidentally or something else, but it would make him notice you and think about it.

Or, after the games, touch his elbows, say “runs well”, and walk away.

The next time I saw him, I touched his belongings. Sometimes, I picked up his BP machine and asked if there was any other function.

Be quick every time, not more than a minute.

This way he won’t feel annoying, but will start to notice and think about you.

Step by step, you have entered his private space.

  How it works: You don’t have to show your admiration completely, you just need to make him curious. After some close contact, even a stupid boy will notice you.

  Want to make your personality more intimate by saying just the right whispers?

In fact, the method is simple: just talk a little softer than usual.

At this point your boy has to come closer and listen to what you are saying.

(What a chance, he will smell the sexy perfume on you.

) Another cool trick is to bring his name when asking a question.

Don’t ask “Have you seen the new Harry?

Potter movies?

“Ask,” Jay, have you seen the new Harry? ”

Potter movies?

“Adding his name immediately makes your personality a lot closer.

When you and his personality, leave some small hints that you are paying attention to his personal life.

For example, if you find that he has a golden retriever, you can say “Hey-last Saturday I seemed to see you with a dog.What kind is it?

“It worked: once he answered those questions, he would start to wonder why it was exactly what you knew about him (he didn’t pay much attention to it before).

If your boy’s reaction is flat, ask you to slowly build up your interest in simple things-and then continue to solve the problem.

  When building a mysterious web-based e-mail, it may be serious at first, but it can quickly develop into quiet sexual abuse.

You can ask questions that concern him, like “What do you think of your test this time?”

“This way you can continue the conversation.

If your online lover is hooked-great, give a provocative reply “I’m going to a party, but don’t want to go alone, can you stay with me?”

“Don’t write as long as Tustoevsky’s novel, play cool (no matter how you want to see him across the screen), always keep his curiosity and make him want to see youKnow more here.

  How it works: Your sweetheart can’t see you, so you don’t have to worry about your blushing like an apple.

You don’t have to rack your brains at the time and come up with some witty words, because you have time.

Write a reply.

If he doesn’t cooperate (idiot, disappointment!

), Quickly say “bye bye”, and then step out.