The dead point that women cannot offend

The “dead point” that women cannot offend

We men can’t offend women’s dead spots, there are the following, please brothers pay attention to these taboos, please refer to them at any time: (1) Only care for gentle accommodation.
  Most men think that as long as they are considerate and obedient to women, they can win their favor. In fact, this may be a very, very big mistake!
After reading the analysis of many psychologists, it turns out that even the most normal women have a mentality of being attached to men. Every woman must have an opinionative and energetic man to be her messenger.
Because they do n’t love, they will give everything when they are in love. Just think, they will be stupid enough to support themselves on a weak person?
When treating women, they should give orders when they take the initiative; when they are tough, they must be tough.
  (2) Do not pretend to be capable.
  When women ask men to help them, many men will applaud, but in the end they do a mess, drag left and right, so they can’t get their understanding.They would rather do it early in the morning, and they would refuse to know that they were incompetent. Maybe they still feel it?
Sworn fresh?
Keep a good impression on you.
  (3) Should not be shabby.
  In fact, most women are preoccupied, but they do not like men to pretend.
As a male, you must have prepared mentally, knowing that when you go out with women, you should spend money more boldly, at least you must not show shabby.If you do n’t have money, do n’t pat, you know?
  (4) Don’t be absent-minded.
  When dating women, men should focus on their conversations and intentions.
If she has been absent-minded for a long time and is ignorant of her questions and topics, it will be very disappointing to her!
Next time you want to date her again, she may ask you to eat a ton of lemon.
So let go of things that often disturb your mind!
For example, if someone often dials your mobile phone, just turn it off!
Listening to a few calls will not die!
  (5) Avoid asking about age.
  You may have heard this in the morning, but I still feel the need to tirelessly say it once.
No matter how honest and sincere a woman usually is, when she mentions her age, she always tries her best to dodge, hide and even deceive!
A middle-aged woman who starts with white hair will tell you that she doesn’t know what “Star Wars” is, and ask if you know the sequel to “Sky War-Earth Strikes Back”?
In short, only women below the age of eighteen and over sixty will hold a low attitude towards their age.
So in the face of a woman, you can ask almost any question, but don’t forget to implicate her age, understand?
  (6) Be kidding carefully.
  Of course, it’s okay to joke with women, and there are familiar methods of joking, and those who are not familiar with it have another method.
If it’s some fun joke, it will also have a great adjustment effect on the whole atmosphere.
But when the joke is over, the effect will be bad, and your end may be terrible.
Therefore, you must be proportionate, observe their reaction to you, and avoid being disappointed, so as not to arouse their resentment and anger.
  (7) Don’t be ridiculous.
  Never, never, ever Never think about the weight of a woman!
Even if a woman says that she doesn’t mind her weight, she still cares.
It is better to praise a woman who is fit and good-looking than to ridicule a woman who is not in good shape.
  (8) Interested in her.
  Women hate that men treat her well, while paying attention to other things.
They wonder if they are completely unattractive to you, and then they want to get worse and worse, feeling that you don’t respect her at all.
When you feel that way, you have failed more than half.In the other half, she will also doubt whether you only like her figure, so she will associate with her!

  (9) Don’t be too frank.

  Do n’t be too frank with women, because women do n’t like being too frank, most of them like to talk to funny people, sometimes even diametrically opposed, but they do n’t love too much outrageous and explosive witty, so in fact, all the playful words andYou don’t have to say it to your wife’s understanding. Let them spend a little bit of thought chewing on what you say to guess the meaning you hide between words, and then they will smile proudly like guessing a puzzle.

Therefore, what is said in front of them must be subtle and naughty, so she will be happy to be close to you.

  (10) Try not to talk about (sex).

  Unless you and them have become so familiar that you can drink a glass of water with each other and reach a point where you can understand each other clearly, in the topics you are talking with, no matter how derogatory and derogatory, you should not notice in front of womenWonderful, let ‘s share it with your pig friends and dog friends!

What must be known is that when talking to others, women have a strong interest in each other’s private affairs, including relationships, friends, and marriage issues, but it must be clear that it has nothing to do with sexuality!

  (11) Flattery.

  Women prefer flattery to men.

Because they like to listen to the words of flattery and are used to the words of flattery, they are quite sensitive to grandma.

For example, if you praise her tight-fitting skirts for their good looks, they may have heard them three hundred times, so even if they are still happy, the effect is not great.

But as long as you say further: (You are really well-dressed, you will choose this blue skirt, which matches your body perfectly!

) She will feel that her compliments are full of realism, and your flattery is not like flattery, her happiness is from her heart!