Wang Liu is not a pedantic person,Talk about love,Even if something happens?,I can’t represent anything.。

But I am listening to Wen Wen.,I am still a little relaxed in my heart.,Although Wang Fang was betrayed,But fortunately,Did not suffer。
As for the hit to bear,Communication with a slag,Belt to the baptism,It is not necessarily a bad thing.。
So much thinking,The king is too lazy to talk nonsense.,Cold and cold:“Give you two options,First,I took the initiative to tell Wang Fang.。
second,I tell her myself.,Let her break up with you,Then……”
Wang flow straight to Chai Wen,Eye cold light flashes,Winter:“You will wait for my anger.。”
This is the purpose of him.。
Women in love is zero。
From him to Wang Fang,She does not necessarily believe,Even may arouse her inverse opposite,I think he is in order to make her break up and deliberate her.,If so, I have a slogan with him.,Then you have to pay。
Compared to below,Still let the Wen Hao go to the name of the name of her.,Simple and effective。
Chai Weiwen is a little guilty,Although Wang Fang did not introduce him to his brother.,But not to mention,His brother is doing business,It seems that it is not bad.。
Now look at the “Wear and the gas field”,He can feel it,Wang Fang Besheng did not lie to him,Her brother is not an ordinary person.,The threat just now is not in the bluff。
But just hit by him.,Now I will directly recognize it.,Chai Wei also feels too wrong,Hardted tape:“Don’t tell you,I am thinking about breaking up with her.,Just, I haven’t come yet and open to her.,Just hit by you.。”
“So much the better,Advise a sentence,Don’t play tricks,Otherwise I swear,You can’t afford it。”Wang flows cold laugh,Drop the sentence,Lazy again,Departure。
the next day。
Wang Flow has been waiting for Wang Fang’s news,Just this sister,I will immediately face a blow.,Don’t be angry with him。
I thought that Chai Yiwen will have some difficult tooth.,Tract a little time,I didn’t expect him that he was very simply,Just arrived at noon,Wang Fang classmates Liang Hui will call the phone。
Wang traffic rushed,Liang Hui is waiting at the door,The two have been seen before,Still drinking over the wine together,It is not stranger.。
See the king,Liang Hui hurriedly welcomed the top:“King,You go up and see.,Xiaofang didn’t know what happened.,In the morning, it is good.,In the morning, Chai Wen called her out and said a few words.,Then I suddenly be unhappy.。
The whole morning is lost,I haven’t eaten after lunch.,I don’t say a word lying in bed.,I will die soon.。”
Wang traffic nodded,It is very clear in my heart.,It is definitely that Wenhao is asked by him.,Take the initiative to make your hands with Wang Fang。
“I went to see。”
“follow me。”Liang Huiyi took him on the building first.。
In the dormitory。
Wang Fang did not cry,Just quietering in bed,The two eyes are not gone。
Several rooms around,A concern persuasion。
“Xiaofang,What happened??You are saying something,I will die soon.。”
“Is it a firewood to make you angry??”
“What did he say to you??”
“You are……Did you break up??”
Some people have weak questions,Her man rushes her to make her eyes,Although Wang Fang did not say,But they guess can guess,In the morning, Chai Hao is looking for her to say a few words.,The two must be divided.,Otherwise, it will not be like this.。