Qin Xiaomi’s house,It’s just a big courtyard,This courtyard is said to have been a small Baylor Mansion。

Imagine its size,When the Qin family bought it early,Prices are still very low,But now this courtyard,Don’t even think about it without a billion。
Siheyuan by Qin Xiaomi’s father,Very elegant,While preserving the original flavor,Also refined the interior。
The patio yard is more shaded with trees,This season is the most refreshing。
at this time,Beautiful,Intoxicating piano music,Flowing in the courtyard。
Qin Dacheng and his son Qin Xiaofeng,Two people sitting under a jujube tree with crooked necks,Drinking tea,Listening to the melody of Liang Zhu tapping the soul。
Qin Xiaomi is in the West Wing,Playing the piano gracefully,She closed her eyes,Intoxicated。
And under the eaves,Qin Xiaomi’s mother and grandma sitting,The two enjoy the same face,Qin Xiaomi practiced this piano piece,It’s so beautiful。
Qin Xiaofeng was a little shocked,He can’t imagine such a song,It actually came from a migrant worker。
It’s incredible,A strong sense of conflict between elegance and vulgarity,It’s so incredible。
And now this migrant worker background,Already a hit singer,I’m also an assistant teacher at the Folk Music Academy,The most critical,It seems that his daughter Xiaomi’er is very close to him。
A Dong has just performed the Erhu solo Liang Zhu for the first time,Xiaomi’er is already playing solo on the piano.。
Qin Xiaofeng always feels that something is wrong。
A little worried about him,Not unreasonable,Xiaomi’s character,Is the biggest flaw。