How to prevent halo during moxibustion?

How to prevent halo during moxibustion?

As early as in “The Yellow Emperor’s Canon”, he has mentioned the prevention of halo needles too much: “Sting without thorns and drunk is irritating; without thorns and anger, it makes qi reversal; without thorns and overworkers, without thorns and fullPeople, stingless and hungry people, stingless thirsty people, stingless staggering “(” Su Wen · Stabbed Forbidden Theory “).

In fact, halo moxibustion is also feasible.

So how to prevent dizziness during moxibustion?

Modern prevention is mainly psychological and physical.

  (1) Psychological prevention is mainly aimed at people who have suspicion, fear, or crying, laughing, screaming, shivering, avoiding, or having muscle tension during acupuncture.

Patients with changes in autonomic nervous system and endocrine function such as pupil, blood pressure, respiration, heartbeat, skin temperature, complexion, and sweating.

Routine psychological prevention was performed, and adverse reactions such as halo acupuncture occurred in the fracture.

There are three methods: language induction: before moxibustion, patiently explain the specific method of acupuncture to patients, and explain the feeling, degree and way of acupuncture that may occur in order to gain the trust and cooperation of patients.

  Relaxation training: For patients who are calm, depressive, easy to focus, and with an introverted personality, make them stare at an object, and then start moxibustion after they have completely entered the state of self-meditation.

  Diverting attention: For patients who are irritable, active, distracted, and extroverted, they can make the patient do some simple quick mental calculations, or ask them some small questions, and use their vision, auditory function, and thinking activities to divert their focusTo promote local tissue relaxation.

  (2) For patients with high blood pressure for physical prevention, it is advisable to eat properly before moxibustion; those who are too tired should rest until their physical strength is basically restored.

Especially for those who have a history of halo acupuncture or halo moxibustion, it is best to use the lateral position to simplify acupoints and reduce the amount of stimulation.

  During moxibustion, patients should be treated as soon as they have symptoms of aura.

After the treatment, it is better to prescribe the patient to rest in the consultation room?
Leave after 10 minutes to prevent delayed syncope.