Boxing exercises to build my gym brutal girlfriend

Boxing exercises to build my gym brutal girlfriend

Brutal girlfriend, sounds playful and interesting, it is better to incorporate this “barbaric” feeling into the fitness process!

Aerobic boxing is enough to achieve the “barbaric” atmosphere to the fullest, overcome the effects of decompression and weight loss!

  The English name of aerobic kickboxing is kickboxing, which was launched by European boxers and professional aerobics athletes. Its specific form is to mix boxing, karate, taekwondo, kung fu, and even some dance moves together with intense music, Become a unique style of aerobics.

  A complete boxing exercise consumes a lot of energy. For a person weighing 60 kg, doing an hour of aerobic exercise can consume 600 calories.

Due to the variety of kickboxing movements, including boxing moves such as straight, uppercut, swing, forward kick, side kick, side kick, etc., and each action requires swiftness and explosiveness, so in training each bodyAt the same time as building muscles, our body’s elasticity, softness, and response speed will also be improved as never before.

  In particular, almost all the movements in boxing require the waist and abdomen to maintain balance and force, so the weight loss effect of some classes on the waist and abdomen far exceeds other fitness methods.

  Aerobic boxing is simple and easy to learn. As long as you do it 2-3 times a week, after one month, the body will have the following obvious changes: muscle strength, softness, will be greatly improved.

Strengthen joint mobility, muscle endurance, and the body is no longer stiff.

Coordination and balance will obviously improve a lot.

Consuming plasma and increasing muscle mass, boots reduce weight.

Reduce side waist, abdomen, thighs, arms, shoulders aunt.

Eliminate inferiority complex, improve self-confidence and self-judgment.

  In addition to the long-term benefits, in the short-term, aerobic boxing is most obvious to relieve anger and reduce stress.

Imagine an imaginary enemy right in front of you. It may be a boss who scolded you all day, or a colleague who does not cooperate with the job, punches, kicks, and vents his dissatisfaction. After an hour, the mood will be much easier.