Six secret recipes for preventing hair loss

Six secret recipes for preventing hair loss

It is the wish of every young girl to have a shiny and moist hair.

Here are some simple and easy-to-use methods of hair care and your daily changes: After washing your hair with tea, rinse it with tea, it will make the hair soft and shiny.

The hair care of the beer is first washed, dried, and then the beer is evenly spread on the hair, and then rubbed and massaged to transform the osmotic root.

Wash with water after 10 minutes, so that even if the head shines, it can prevent hair from drying out and promote hair growth.

Add higher protein to the shampoo, mix thoroughly, shampoo, and gently massage the scalp.

Then wash it, add a small amount of vinegar with fresh egg yolk, set it to mix well, slowly apply the shampoo, wrap it in a wet towel for 1 hour, and then wash it with water.

This method is best for dry and stiff hair.

Onion mud hair care first pounds the onion into a mud, wrap it with gauze, and use it to pat the scalp gently to make the onion juice evenly spread on the scalp and hair.

After a few hours, wash your hair again to eliminate the nasty dandruff.

Honey egg oil hair care with a spoonful of honey, a raw egg yolk, a spoonful of vegetable oil, two spoonfuls of shampoo and an appropriate amount of onion juice together, stir well and spread on the scalp.

Put on a plastic film hat, and then use a wet towel to apply heat outside the hat.

After an hour or two, wash your hair.

If you stick to it once a day, it can reduce the symptoms of thinning hair.

Grapefruit core hair care 25 grams of grapefruit core, soak in water, air dry, apply its juice to the roots of the hair, can also be applied with ginger Tuo, two or three times a day, can treat baldness, yellow hair, and accelerate hair growth.

Aged vinegar conditioner: Take 150 ml of aged vinegar, add 1 kg of warm water, and stir well.

Washing your hair once a day with this solution can remove dandruff and itching, prevent hair loss, and effectively reduce hair discrimination.

In addition, spray some vinegar on the hair before the hair is blown. The hair will be reset and durable, and the hair will be soft and moisturized.