Guangzhou Yama Yoga Club: He Zhiqian

Guangzhou Yama Yoga Club: He Zhiqian

Holds National Fitness Instructor Certificate and Advanced Yoga Instructor Certificate.

He has been practicing for many years with many famous yoga instructors in China and India, and has been focusing on the practice of traditional yoga and the promotion of modern fitness system.

The teaching style is professional and rigorous and full of change. He has extensive experience in using body exercises to control weight, burn body fat, shape the body, improve physical fitness, release stress, and regulate the human body.

He is good at various traditional and modern yoga systems, and is unique in Pilates teaching.

In the years of teaching and research, the popular fitness elements and traditional elements have been combined to form a mature yoga and Pilates teaching system, which has been welcomed by conference halls and scholars.

And served as a special yoga instructor for large units and enterprises such as IBM, AIA, Nanfang Daily, Guangdong TV.