Jiefin:“……”How can you listen to this??

He looked at Qing’s low head,It seems that http://www.szhsjj.cn there are more than two red clouds on the face.,She will be shy?
“Hey-hey,Qing Dynasty,How do I think you want to marry me??”
Qing Dynasty apple did not want to smash it towards him.。
“Who……Who wants to marry you,You think so,No wonder I can’t find my wife now.。”
Blue Xin looked at the two people,Take Lu Hao Cheng Silent Leaving,People are cultivating emotions,Atmosphere rendering is just good,She is sorry to go in and destroyed。
Go on a car,Spring is still cold,Gem of wind,Make people’s face with gentle stinging。
Lu Hao became heating,Help her hardship,I will drive home.。
All the way,Blue Xin is still drowsiness,When the temperature is not cold,She sleeps extremely。
Especially rainy days,She is surprisingly good。
Lu Haochong opened very stable,At home,She didn’t wake up。
Until Lu Hao hugged her,Cold air attack,She slowly opened her eyes。
Lu http://www.hrbdyt.cn Haocheng saw her woke up,Some annoyed this cold night。
“Put me down,I am walking myself.。 ”Blue Xin sleepy,Sound。
Lu Haochong flashed,Footsteps:“Heart hurts me?”
Blue Xin bright eyes are gently blinking,Gently head。
“I can’t hurt you.,Who distressed you。”Blue Xin lowered a sentence。
Lu Haocheng smashed the lips。
After opening,Holding her directly to the room。
Blue Xin doesn’t want to talk more,After all, the scratches on your body make her http://www.yifeng8.cn uncomfortable。
Lu Haocheng knows her tired,Nothing?
“Tired, sleep first.,Is there anything to say tomorrow morning?。”
“Um!”Blue Xin nodded。
Lu Haocheng looked at her after sleeping,Just get up and get out of the room。
He took out the phone‘
I called a phone to Ou Jing.。
European:“Company warehouse,Do you want to come over?The result is already coming out.,Received money。”
“Who?”Lu Hao is very cold。
“He doesn’t know,Home has a sick mother,In the hospital needs money,See someone gives money,A little heart,I did this.,You don’t come,I will give the police.。”
“Um!”Lu Hao points,hang up the phone。
There is an instant silence over there.,Usually encounter this kind of thing,He shouted to shout,Very tough attitude,It’s so easy to compromise today.。