Half an hour later。

The room is quiet。
Only Luo Yu finally sighed:“I think they got these songs,I’m afraid I’ll come over to find you money。”
“Do not,I don’t need money。”
Lu Ban shook his head,Since it is to be done,Not only to remove the knife from the neck,I have to give the opponent a backhand.。
He raised his mouth,Show a smile。
“I only have one request,The entertainment company that got these songs,within one year——
Not to cooperate with Starlight。”
Chapter Sixty Three You licked Weibo, do you know?
“Hey,President Huang,I sent you a songdemo,The details are explained in the mailbox,We’ll talk after you heard it。”
“Boss Gao,You finished,Want to talk??”
“Zhang Ge,I’m not just giving you this song,When Lu Ban gave it to me,I thought of you first,The price is easy to say,It’s just that you have read the conditions?”
Luo Yu did not leave,Emailed directly on the set to the CEOs of several entertainment companies。
An hour,The phone in her hand never stopped。
Actually throw so many songs from previous lives at once。
Lu Ban is also very distressed。
It’s equivalent to sending these songs out for no reason to make others,Which traveler has done such a stupid thing?
Fortunately, Luo Yu didn’t really give it away。