She is not only the pillar of the performance in the Huajing Opera,And also trained a lot of students and actors,Basically, after the dean retires,,She is here to serve as the dean。

Otherwise such an important thing,It’s impossible to send an unimportant person to negotiate。
Today’s drama market,Not as bleak as it was ten or twenty years ago,But you have to say how good,That’s not even。
If it weren’t for the country’s financial support,If there were not so many actors willing to dedicate their acting skills on the drama stage,I’m afraid those theaters in China,Basically, it can be maintained。
Rao is so,The average strength in the drama industry is also mostly,The most powerful giants have almost monopolized70%The above good actors and behind-the-scenes team。
Beihua is one of those giants,Their own conditions are good,Business conditions have continued to improve in recent years,But they also want a bigger breakthrough,So they got it《Gift in Room 7》。
Because it is important,So the person who is sent can be determined in one word!
“Is it Teacher Fan??”Shen Huan stood up,“Please sit down!”
Why does he still know me?
Fan Dan is a bit dazed,But still subconsciously:“Sink……Teacher Lu,I came to see Teacher Chu Liuxiang Chu today,He hasn’t arrived yet?”
At this time she also remembered that Lu Xiaofeng and Chu Liuxiang had also cooperated,Maybe know。
And Shen Huan has his real name and stage name,She is such a particular person,Naturally it is called Shen Huan’s high-status stage name,To show respect。
After all, Lu Xiaofeng’s reputation in the music industry,Compared to her in the drama world,But much higher。
“It’s here。”Shen Huan pointed at herself,“Introduce yourself,My name is Shen Huan,The name of the song is Lu Xiaofeng,The book’s name is Chu Liuxiang,So you come over today,Should talk to me《Gift in Room 7》of。”
“you……you you you……”
Fan Dan was so shocked that he couldn’t even speak。
She couldn’t believe it,I really don’t believe it。