Those two figures are Yang Shiyun and Yanzi!In accordance with the agreed plan,The two of them are going to guard the door with Liu Xiaoyun,But Qin Liang ignored the most important factor;No matter which one these two girls are,Absolutely refuse to let him take risks alone!So at this moment,The two of them coincidentally choose

Chose to be with him!
To be born with Qin Liang,If you want to die, die with Qin Liang!
Both girls have this firm idea in their hearts。Zhuang Hai was also greatly surprised,But everyone has entered,What can he do?So he can only helplessly follow Qin Liang behind,Stepped into the hall!According to his and Zhuang Yong’s plan,He won’t enter the hall,But Qin Liang’s two bodyguards rushed in
went,How could he let Zhuang Yong face three powerful opponents alone?!He knew the identity of Yanzi as a professional killer,Although it’s the first time I saw Yang Shiyun,But since she is with Yanzi,That must also be a professional killer,And the two girls grabbed the door’s body and speed,Absolutely all skilled masters!
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One thousand two hundred and seventy-eight chapters This thing ends here
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Zhuang Hai had no choice but to change the original plan.。
I thought there would be a lot of people in the hall,I didn’t expect to find out when I entered;There is only one person standing at a table,Writing calligraphy……This is a bit out of Qin Liang,Yang Shiyun and Yanzi were unexpected。
“master,Master Qin is here。”
Zhuang Hai took a few steps forward,Said respectfully to the person who is writing intently。