Meng Jinghui: Lao She will be happy to see my version of Tea House

Meng Jinghui: Lao She will be happy to see my version of “Tea House”
“Teahouse” stills.Photo courtesy of Meng Jinghui Drama Studio Recently, Meng Jinghui’s “Tea House” completed the first round of performances in Beijing Poly Theater.This edition of “Tea House” completed its tour in many cities across the country after its premiere at the Wuzhen Theatre Festival last year, and in July this year at the IN unit of the Avignon Theatre Festival in France and the 29th “Baltic House International Theatre in St. Petersburg in October”Shang Art Festival” performance.  Since Meng Jinghui’s “Tea House” debuted for the first time, the controversy accompanying this work has been constant, and when this work returned to its birthplace for the first time in Beijing, whether it is from the scene or the Internet, the audience’s evaluation of these works has formed a polarThe mixed voice seems to have reached an endpoint in recent days.After another heated discussion, facing the different voices of the outside world, Sauna and Yeewang interviewed Meng Jinghui, the director of “Tea House”, to hear how he responded.    Sauna Night Net: “Tea House” has returned to Beijing with controversy, what do you think?  Meng Jinghui: In the past, many viewers regarded a work as authentic, but there was no concept of authenticity. I believe that when Mr. Lao She wrote this script, he would face various possibilities in his era.”Tea House” is a multi-angled crystal. You can see the brilliance it reflects from different aspects. It can be interpreted from sociology and economics and contains huge energy.Therefore, drama has its literary and aesthetic changes. From the perspective of historical dialectics legislation, we have to look at the problem in a comprehensive way.  Sauna Night Net: Why should we rearrange “Tea House” again in this era?  Meng Jinghui: Now is the time.I didn’t think of anything else. I think Mr. Lao She’s “Tea House” must have a constant spirit, which is a very thorough compassion for people.I use the contemporary drama vocabulary and alternative technical methods I have come into contact with to express his pity sincerely.In addition, from a certain perspective, I also have a small ambition, just want to have a dialogue with these masters.  Sauna Night Net: Among the different sounds, everyone still focuses more on your creative methods.  Meng Jinghui: Maybe our version of “Tea House” has taken a bit bigger step.We overlapped all the most refined lines in the script, for example, within 20 minutes, all the first act was performed with a roar, and it was expressed in a way of recitation and roar.Using this method, we want to extract the real juice from Mr. Lao She ‘s original script, and then let everyone taste it, slowly interpret it, appreciate it slowly, and then go to heaven and earth, the sky and sky-Brecht’s poemThe video, in the end, also quotes the works of Soviet writer Dostoevsky, I think this is the inheritance and development of the original form of beauty in the script of Mr. Lao She, and we creators realized that this is a normalCreation logic.But some audiences may accept it, and some audiences will have a slight gap.  Sauna Night Net: Have you ever expected that the performance of “Tea House” in Beijing is bound to cause controversy?  Meng Jinghui: In fact, it is quite normal. Last year, there was a lot of discussion at the Wuzhen Theatre Festival. This happened a year ago, including Nanjing University, Central Academy of Drama, and some academic journals, includingThe Lao She Research Society also discussed these things.Later, when I arrived in Avignon, it also caused a big discussion and transformation between the mainstream media and their academic institutions. It was very happy for me.  This work can arouse everyone’s controversy and discussion. On the basis of initialization, it discusses a lot of the extensibility of art, formal aesthetics, scriptology and the avant-garde of expression. Even the discussion in France is actually quite deep, includingThey think that Chinese contemporary drama should be a certain kind and should not be a certain kind, whether it is a collective unconsciousness, or a generation of aesthetic drama trends, etc., I think they are particularly good.  Sauna Night Network: The adaptation of “Tea House” has always been a social topic. Do you have to build your own psychology?  Meng Jinghui: I said that I did n’t think of it when I ranked, but I told two things to myself. Meng Jinghui, you have to think carefully. First, you have to be sincere, as if that was your own business, but your heart mustBe sincere.The second more important thing is that you have to be brave. You have to face the eyes of many people and the doubts of others, even the doubts about you.  I think these two answers are definitely for me.I have done so many kinds of dramas, and now I really want to express my views on the whole society, your life and your nature. If you do n’t express it, there will be no rhythm of life.In addition to being brave, I have to take risks and face various controversies and controversies, so I have confirmed my sincerity and courage.  Sauna Night Net: Just now you described this step as being bigger, based on your own judgment criteria?  Meng Jinghui: Sometimes when you step a little bigger, it is also the most authentic state of artistic creation, because “Tea House” is different from other works, it is not a small improvement.As an art worker, you must express your own things. Sometimes you will be more pragmatic when you take a big step, then you will take a big step.This matter may be related to your artistic intuition, because drama is a comprehensive art. Only by putting all kinds of energies together can we take a step forward to the extreme. I think this has a good effect on the development and forward movement of contemporary Chinese dramaof.  Sauna Night Net: What do you think of the performance of “Tea House”?  Meng Jinghui: I hope that the viewers and our creators have a common mentality, that is, if Mr. Lao She can still see us now (such a work), I think he will really be silently happy, because his one”How much cultural thinking and a new understanding of ourselves, including a kind of attention to our entire era, is particularly good and has no harm.”No matter from creator to appreciator, I think everyone should have a good living environment.  Writing / Sauna, Night Net Liu Zhen