Five senses can reveal men’s health

Five senses can reveal men’s health

From a person’s face can reveal a person’s mental state, but also can judge whether a person is healthy or not.

  Obvious points ①: Nose discovery: Nose peeling, abstinence, abstinence, secrets: If the nose is red, and the nose and the nose are often bloated and sore, it means that the spleen and stomach in the body are hot and humid, smoking and drinking, and spicy men often have these symptoms.

Excessive mental stress can sometimes make a man a red nose.

  If the nose is purple, it may be high blood pressure, or excessive salt and alcohol.

  In addition, the rosacea suddenly appears on the nose, which is due to lung and stomach heat and blood stasis. This is to remind you that male sexual function is decreasing and deserves attention.

The dark nose and dull peeling are a reminder of excessive libido and the body has consumed too much fluid and righteousness.

  Thoughtful prescription: 1. Help him measure his blood pressure once every morning and observe the blood pressure.

  2. The diet should be light and not too salty.

  3. To help him massage, use the middle finger to gently massage the left and right sides of the nose, each of the left and right three times; then, the finger is pressed against the nasal sulcus and slowly moved up and down 6 times.

  4, abstain from intercourse, nourish yin and recuperate.

  Obvious point ②: Eyes found: drink less water under dark circles to reveal the secret: Chinese medicine believes that the eyes are related to the liver, and liver dysfunction can cause male reproductive dysfunction.

Therefore, here we must remind male friends who are under great pressure and often feel tired. If there is sudden eye discomfort and blurred vision in a short period of time, they should go to the hospital for examination and consultation in time, and follow the doctor’s advice to fill the liver.Or clear the liver, reconcile qi and blood, and moisturize the muscles, so as not to affect the sexual function.

  In addition, if he wakes up in the morning and finds that his eye circles are dark and his face is dull, it means that his kidneys are too burdened, so that the body can’t drain the water, which forms a “panda eye”.

  Thoughtful prescription: 1. Reduce the amount of salt in your diet to avoid excessive intake of water.

  2. To eliminate dark circles, you can eat more favorable food, cook chestnuts with duck meat, burn Chinese cabbage, etc. for dietary therapy, and also use red and white radish to cook broth to drink.

In addition, pork loin soup is also very effective.

  3, red eyes, swelling and pain can be treated with wolfberry, chrysanthemum, lily water boiling tea.

  4. Eyelid edema is mostly edema, so sleep should be prolonged, while keeping feet warm, complications, and stomach warm. Because there are many acupoints on the heel that are in contact with the kidney, avoiding cold, it can strengthen the function of the kidney.

  Observation point ③: The ears are found: The ears are black and the kidney is deficient: Chinese medicine believes that the ears are related to the kidneys.

If the ears are getting “skinny”, mostly because of kidney deficiency, then men will often be accompanied by hearing loss, tinnitus and dizziness.

The darkening of the ears is also the phase of kidney qi failure. Most of the people with darkening ears are about to show signs of cold, and usually have problems with premature ejaculation.

Red ears indicate poor circulation.

  Thoughtful prescription: 1. Take Zuogui Pills (over-the-counter medicines), and stop intercourse during the medication.

  2. Urge men to drink less alcohol, eat fine foods, and less sugar; exercise more to promote circulation.

  3, before going to bed every night, do an ear massage for him. Remember to not just press the ear outline, the ear around should also be pressed one by one, until it is appropriate.

Don’t apply too much force during the massage, it should be from top to bottom.

  Obvious point ④: Lip discovery: Red lips are not necessarily all beautiful.

  Demystified: When men’s lips are bright red, it may remind you whether your liver has become too hot recently, your temper is too fast, and your mouth is often dry.

If the lip color is black and red, it is mostly due to a problem with the large intestine, as well as a poor throat and ear and nose problems.

People with dark lips often suffer from digestive dysfunction, and even secreture, diarrhea, headache, and insomnia.

The pale lip color is mostly due to nutritional disorders, poor living or chronic diseases.

  Thoughtful prescription: 1, pale lips, you can eat some animal liver and red foods, such as tomatoes and fresh red peppers.

  2, dark red lips for cold syndrome, more common in cardiopulmonary insufficiency or hypoxia, you need to check as soon as possible.

  3. The lip color is deep red and dry, and most of them are hot evidence. Empirical, you can use raw land, small thistle, Zhimu, Ophiopogon boiled water for oral administration.

  4. If the lips are swollen, it may be due to cold stomach or the tip of gastric ulcer, you can eat more potatoes, sweet potatoes, chestnut, potato, lotus root and other warm foods.

  Obvious point ⑤: Forehead found: Don’t think that the sudden increase of forehead wrinkles is a gift of years. Sometimes, it may be a warning to men.

  Demystified: The forehead is different from other parts in that different regions represent different organ functions.

  The middle of the two eyebrows is the brain reaction zone.If there are 1-line, 11-line, 111-line patterns in the brain area, this is an excessive use of the brain and poor brain circulation.

Over time, hypoxia in the brain can cause headaches, migraines, and memory loss.

If there is a depression, it is a lack of blood supply to the brain, which is actually directly related to the poor blood supply to the heart.

  The heart area is located near the hairline. If there is an abnormality, it means that the cardiovascular function is poor or the mental stress is high.

The appearance of small acne or color on this part above the normal face can be concluded that short-term mental stress is relatively large.

If pimple or redness occurs, blue, purple, black, dark, spots or pigmentation appear, it means chronic cardiovascular failure or chronic mental stress.

  In addition, if the forehead wrinkles suddenly increase, it indicates that the liver is overburdened.

  Thoughtful prescription: 1. Combing your forehead properly with your fingers can reduce wrinkles and delay aging. Replacement can also relieve stress.

It is recommended that men who work for a long time at desk or armed mental work should massage their foreheads more, and long-term adherence can reduce the probability of cardiovascular disease.

  2. To eat less animal feces, you should eat more light foods, such as pork liver, spinach, tofu and fish.