How to break through heterosexual barriers

How to break through heterosexual barriers

How can we break through this obstacle of heterosexual communication?

The main points of the consultation are as follows: (1) Update the concept and take the initiative to communicate.

It is a normal physiological and psychological phenomenon that adolescents have a craving for the opposite sex due to sexual germination. Excessive depression is not good for the development of physical health. Especially in the era of open information, people ‘s ideas have undergone huge changes and open interpersonal relationships.Communication becomes the main theme of social interaction, so it is bound to mystify the opposite sex.

  (2) Establish righteousness and create environment.

Break through the closed life environment, and develop same-sex friendship and heterosexual friendship with new concepts and enthusiasm.

Establish the righteousness, create the right interior, and form the right public opinion. Start with me and start from now.

When he is interacting, he is upright and upright, he is upright, does not have any distractions, he is not cold-hearted, does not stop the system, does not catch the wind, and does not create rumors.

  (3) Distinguish the boundary between friendship and early love.

Because the physiological and psychological functions of middle school students are fully mature, if they are in love at this time, there will inevitably be overlapping impulses and blindness. However, for middle school students, the scale between friendship and love is not easy to grasp, so group interaction should be increased.This type of communication can not only show venting emotions, meet the psychological needs of boys and girls, but also avoid deviance.

  (4) Be generous when communicating, do not pretend to avoid rumors.

Boys and girls all like to express themselves in front of the opposite sex. It is normal for the former to have goodwill and favor of the opposite sex.

However, this performance must grasp the scale, be natural and generous, and not vulgar and frivolous.

  (5) Be good at learning the advantages of the opposite sex.

Due to gender differences, men and women have their own strengths and temperaments. Boys are strong, strong, brave, and independent; girls are delicate, gentle, and rigorous.

Without intercourse with the opposite sex, it is very difficult for boys and girls to discover the unique advantages of the opposite limbs, and these advantages are precisely generated by themselves. Therefore, normal exchanges between boys and girls are conducive to learning together and improving together.