How to deal with children with retinal problems

How to deal with children with retinal problems

Compared with 50 years ago, the average age of the first menstrual period of boys and menarche of girls was advanced by 1.

5 to 2 years.

It is often seen that some young children with childish faces are tall and tall. What worries their parents is the advancement of sexual organ development and sexual psychological germination.

  If the child’s advancement in sexual physiology does not worry parents, the early arrival of their sexual interests has worried parents.

A mother asked the author puzzledly: “My daughter is only 7 years old. How can it be so meaningful to become a man and woman?

When watching the intimate shots of men and women on TV, they couldn’t keep their eyes off and could not hear anything she said.

Once her dad covered her eyes, she struggled and called ‘Do n’t cover it, do n’t cover it!

What is this woman doing with men? ‘

You said, what should we do as parents?

“In fact, this is a fairly common problem, and parents’ respective approaches will lead to very different results.

  Insufficient to stop leaks is becoming more and more common in children with precocious puberty. Some people have to purify the environment and put an end to everything that may have an adverse effect on children.

It is true that the environment is to be purified, and many countries have made continuous efforts in this area. For example, some movies are only for adults, some books and periodicals are not allowed to be sold to children, and yellow pornographic articles are strictly prohibited.

But to what extent should it be purified?

  Many people think that “purification” means that children are not allowed to come into contact with anything related to sex. In fact, this is not possible. For example, can you delete all sex-related content on TV and movies?

Is it helpful for sexual health products stores and all STD introduction centers to be delisted?

Can the child not see the mother’s breasts, sanitary napkins and some intimate actions between parents?

Many surveys have shown that the nature of sexuality among those around them is one of the main sources of children’s access to sexual knowledge, which is, of course, scientific and non-scientific.

Obviously this cannot be avoided.

  Many people still worry about their children from the idea that sex is dirty, indecent, and out of touch, otherwise it will become bad.

Under the domination of this concept, many parents have no deep understanding of sex, which has caused children’s mysterious sense of sex.

These parents do not understand that while sexual abuse occurs and has an adverse effect, the child’s mystery of sex has the same effect.

Just like the father who covered his daughter’s eyes, his behavior is precisely to further stimulate the child’s interest in sex, and this interest may develop to a perverted level. There are too many examples that have the opposite effect.

  The author has visited Dr. Wu Minlun, a well-known sexologist in Hong Kong, and saw a lot of sex-related materials and videos in his home, and he did not avoid children.

The author asked him: “If it is seen by the child, will it have a bad effect?

He replied, “They have been in contact with these things since they were young, naturally they are not surprised, and they have no special interest.

“His wife told the author again:” When the child was young, I asked me, ‘what does a man and a woman on TV do in bed?

‘, I said, ‘They ‘re intimate!


The child asked, ‘why is it still called?

‘, I explained, ‘that is the sound of happiness’.

Dr. Wu Minlun had two children, both of whom were only twelve or three years old at the time. He had a good reputation in school and now he has a successful career. It is the pride of his parents.

  Of course, the family situation of sexologists is different from that of ordinary people, but one thing should be affirmed that sex is an absolutely natural thing. If you treat it with a natural attitude, your child will develop healthily; if you cover it up, it will be mysterious.Instead, it will be self-defeating.

The revolutionary and thinker Tan Maotong once said in the late Qing Dynasty that treatment is like “hidden things in a trance”, “the more people see, the more they want to see.” Just open the box, and there is no fuss.

Engels also said that the working class in Germany will one day be very natural and frank to cause them to feel comfortable during the day and at night.

  We don’t advocate letting children understand sexual issues too early, and if they learn a little earlier, it’s not terrible.

The attitude of parents plays a decisive role. The correctness of this attitude determines the development of the child’s sexual psychology.

Parents should know that children who grow up in the “vacuum” are not resistant, and the same is true of sexual issues. Don’t try to keep the child in the “vacuum”. Purifying the environment is important, enhancing the child’s discrimination and resistanceExtremely important.

When children are exposed to sexual problems, parents should guide their children with scientific knowledge so that children can understand sex naturally and seriously. This is the correct attitude towards sexual precocity.