“Du Ye!An accident。”

Pretty sound。
I am not equal,There,“We are in the North Bar City, two divisions and two strongholds,All is all being。”
What!!Duke lingering hit a cold war,Instant awake,Sitting,“What do you say?!Two branches and two strongholds are subject to being?
Who is dry?
Red White in Indonesia?
Still Bali Trose?”
For example, it has almost swept the underground world of the entire Bachelor.,There is no opponent at all。
In addition to the red white tissue of Indonesia,And outside Bali, Bali, Bacue,No people and power can fight with angels。
Red and white is the special forces of Indonesia,Bali is affiliated to Tross quality……Tros is one of the nine hegens。
After hearing this news,Duke thought this aspect。
However, http://www.dplus3c.cn the sound from the phone,Let Duke are unsettled。
“Not,Not,I get news according to us,Is a foreign forces,They have fifteen very weird cars,A total of one hundred people。”
“More than a hundred people?”
Duke brow crumpled。
Whole Bacue all divisions and strongholds,No two hundred people,Even more。
Even if the other party is engaged,The first base may be succeeded by the other party,But continuously disconnected two divisions and two strongholds,This http://www.tai-cang.cn is something that I can’t say.。
“Are you joking with me??”
Think here,Duke’s face suddenly gloomy,“How can one hundred people can do this?,Are they not dead??
You are eating too much.?
Also……Why notify me now?!”
Guy opposite the phone,It seems to feel the anger of Duke,The sound has become a knot。
“Du……Du Ye,You listen to me explained,Be,Such。”
Opposite to the sip of water,“They are behind our Will Club at Northern Bar City.,This more people are divided into three parts.,About more than 30 people,At the same time, we have launched our partial parties and the two sites.,Their speed is too fast,And the strength is very powerful……”Narrate。
Duke’s face suddenly is cloudy。
The other party destroys the Will Club,Thirty people as a squad,Since the three strongholds。
And it is successful。
http://www.fengxianqulvshi.cn What does this mean?。
Duke is very clear。