The first is the children of wealthy people in various countries,For a price of about ten thousand dollars,Come to America to play for ten days,For two or three days, various basketball training and competitions were held in Jordan training camp.。

A summer vacation,At least there are hundreds of such teams coming,Boss Joe only appears here at the beginning and end,By the way, write a few pairs of signature sneakers for them,You can make a lot of money。
have to say,Among the superstars who can make money from basketball for a lifetime,Jordan is definitely one of the best,It may even be the strongest in history。
The other is more formal。
It’s Jordan for everyone who is interested in enteringnbaTraining camp for young talented players。
it’s here,Jordan will often come to watch and guide,Many young people have benefited a lot from this。
Of course,There are idiots like08Mayo’s Draft,Dare to provoke Jordan in training camp,Then he was45Year-old Jordan learned a lesson,Gave him a lesson he will never forget。
So if Shen Huan goes to the second Jordan training camp,That’s a good thing。
Robert smiled,“Young man,You underestimated me,I’m a serious basketball guy。I want to introduce you to,It’s with those who lost the election this year but want to enternbaOf players train together。Although they are not from draft picks,But whether in Europe or America,Or in North Americancaain,Are all very talented,Put in the country,Anyone can play the main force of a club。”
Robert said something arrogant,But Shen Huan admitted helplessly,It’s true。
In recent and future years,althoughnbaThe stars,Many go to China to play,But most of them,Either he is old or badly injured,Compared to the group at the training camp20Next year’s geniuses,Really not much stronger。
“it is good,Then trouble Mr. Robert。”Shen Huan nodded cheerfully。
“It’s ok,I really look forward to your blockbuster!”Robert smiled。
If Shen Huan made a name in the Jordan training camp,,His recommender is very dazzling,It will be of great help to his future part-time job。
First279chapter On the examination room
“do you know?The Hua Guo Mathematical Team has a basketball genius,One person beat the five guys from the Greek team,Finally had to get out!”
“Yes,I also heard,Our classmates also went to see it,It’s too burning!So exciting!It’s a pity that I didn’t see it with my own eyes。”