This guy’s defense seems not as bad as he thought.

Xu Xuan took the basketball,The game did not end!
Clippers fans on the sidelines are shouting。
Xu Xuan got the head start,Naturally won’t waste this opportunity。
Clippers back to defense quickly,Xu Xuan seized this momentary opportunity and suddenly started speeding up,Passed through the Clippers defense zone and broke into the basket!
There is only one person in the basket!
I have to say that Redick’s defensive selection is really a chicken thief,He stood in a position where Xu Xuan could start dunking or layup,As long as Xu Xuan is in contact with his body,Redick will fall immediately。
But where is Xu Xuan?
He spotted Redick’s position early,At the moment when I am about to get in touch with Redick,Xu Xuan suddenly stopped,While avoiding Redick,Inspiring one-handed pass behind the head!
George·Hill is here!
He is the only person on the Pacers who can keep up with Xu Xuan!
Arc top firing!