Pope Foot Wash,you deserve to have.

“Can you give me pocket money??”
“I want to buy a lot of things.”
Tang San is a human spirit,You have to give him pocket money if you are not allowed,Otherwise how to make a hidden weapon?
“What do you want to buy?”Tang Chen asked。
“Buy some blacksmith tools,Metal casting hidden weapon。”
“Too little money from part-time functions.”
Tang San said bitterly,I asked my roommate before。
The most craftsman only a few silver coins a month,And iron mother at least one gold soul coin per catty。
“Oh?Create hidden weapon?”
“no problem,I can supply unlimited funds。”
“You made some hidden weapons for Xiaodu,Can come in handy in the future!”
Tang Chen suddenly remembered,Tang Sect hidden weapon is a business to make a fortune。
And such an important military material,Of course you have to start stocking in advance。
This kid deserves to be his own brother,Free workers take the initiative to deliver。