Fortunately, Wang Yufei’s embarrassing appearance,In Han Qian’s eyes,I thought it was probably from Old Han, it must make this shy boy embarrassed,No love at all, careful thoughts……

Ok,Good misunderstanding!
038 Conspiracy theory
In Wang Yufei’s opinion, a thrilling dinner,It ended in Han Qian’s babble。
The teenager was worried that Han Qian was annoyed by Guo Xiaoyi.,I will forget the agreement with myself,Reveal that little secret。Okay,From beginning to end,My sister maintains a minimum of sanity,Did not betray him。
It’s just that when he and Guo Jianfeng are leaving,Guo Xiaoyi looked at him with a smile but a smile,Let Wang Yufei be frightened out of a cold sweat。I’m afraid that this weird girl would say something messy to Han Qian after he left。
I’m afraid to go all the way。
But when Guo Jianfeng turned on the computer for him,And told him the addresses of the professional documents in the favorites,All the distracting thoughts were thrown away by him,At this time, all of Wang Yufei’s mind is occupied by the massive knowledge provided on the Internet。
First, clarify the concepts that are not clear,Then began to supplement all kinds of financial knowledge。Then began to study papers in various investment fields。
Although Wang Yufei’s reading speed is very fast,Do it for yourself,About four views per minute、Five thousand words content,And imprint the content in my mind。But relative to the complex amount of knowledge,One hour is obviously not enough。
So he began to download various papers in a targeted manner、Information journal,And then synced to the phone lent to him by Guo Jianfeng,It only took half an hour,He already has a general understanding of social finance,Ninety percent of various financial concepts can already be readily implemented。
For the stock market、Bond、Futures and other markets also have a basic understanding。
He is still free,I downloaded one with my mobile phone and I can watch the stock market at any time、Software with the function of simulating stock trading。
Guo Jianfeng just glanced at it when Wang Yufei was focused on collecting information,He ignored Wang Yufei。
Speaking of,Guo Jianfeng is still depressed。
At first he was fancy that this kid could inherit his mantle,Who would have thought this guy was so obsessed with numbers?
At this time, he didn’t know that Lao Gao from junior high school had the same sigh as him,Otherwise, I’ll go to Lao Gao for a drink,Look at this trouble。