Jiang Yan helped Ding Yi outBSuper room,Jiang Fan is waiting nervously outside the door,He saw them coming,Asked quickly:“how about it?”

Jiang Yan said:“Two little guys are great!very good,Now I can finally go back to my hometown and reunite with my husband and son。”
Jiang Fan took the list from Ding Yi’s hand,Watch watch,He suddenly happily brought the scan to his mouth,Kissed that piece of paper。
Jiang Yan said loudly:“The ink on it is poisonous。”
Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“I’m kissing my children,Without ink。”
Ding Yi and Jiang Yan both laughed。
Jiang Yan said:“How do you know it’s a pair of children?”
Jiang Fan looked at Jiang Yan,Said:“You said it was a dragon and a phoenix last time?Is there a change?”
Listen to Jiang Fan,Ding Yi also looked at Jiang Yan。
Jiang Yan smiled,Said:“Of course the fetus will not change sex in the mother’s womb,That became a monster?”
Listen to Jiang Yan saying this,Ding Yi slapped her on the mouth lightly。
Jiang Yan said nervously when seeing these two people:“I really convinced you couple。”
Ding Yi smiled,Took the list from Jiang Fan,Carefully identifying which is the boy,Which is a girl,She watched for a long time,Can’t tell,Because the hospital has regulations,Do not reveal the baby’s gender like family members,So the scanned image they got,All deliberately cover up the fetal organs。
Ding Yi pointed to the fetus who was hitting ha and asked:“Yaner,Is this a boy?That is a girl?”
Jiang Yan took a look,Ding Yi guessed the sex of the fetus all at once,She asked differently:“how do you know?”
Ding Yi said:“Don’t know yet,The most naughty one,Just like him,And you see,He is not honest,So I judge him to be a boy,The other one must be a girl,Look how quiet she is?”
Jiang Yan smiled,Said:“sister in law,It can only show that you are right,This will him on top,I might run down in a while,They are athletic。”