Peter and his apprentice went out to get into their car,Only then recovered,The expression of disdain on the greasy young man’s face is getting stronger。

“teacher,I can do this kind of small family,Why let you go out in person。”Gasoline groaned while driving the car。
Peter closed his eyes in the back seat,If it wasn’t for the above, he insisted,Of course he would not go to such a remote place。
“All right,Drive,You just endure it for two more days,We’ll go back when we finish the business here。”
“Oh,Then we have to hurry,The aura here is thin,I really don’t know how they live。”
Just when the car got off Phoenix Mountain,Abruptly stopped,Peter closed his eyes and opened his eyes displeasedly,I want to ask my apprentice what’s going on?
See the car in front,Somewhat surprised,What do these people want?
No wonder the other party is so surprised,The outside scene can be seen from the windshield of the car,On the asphalt road in Liudao,The brand new Maybach stopped neatly on both sides,Beside each two cars are wearing black suits,Young man in white gloves。
Tilt of all cars,As if to pay tribute to them。
“Go see what’s going on?”Peter recovered and said to his apprentice。
Get off the oil head,Smiling towards the middle of the road,Old man in formal butler clothes。
“What are you doing?”
The old housekeeper bends down slightly:“Is this the car in which Mr. Peter is riding??”
“So what?”
The old butler still faces a smile:“My lady is afraid of neglecting Mr. Peter,Specially let the old slave come here to wait,Lead the way for Mr.!”
Peter got off the car,The old housekeeper bypasses the oil head directly,Walk towards each other。
Stop at Peter’s distance of three steps,Put your hands on your abdomen,Bend down deeply to show respect,Compared to just standing up and talking:“Dear Mr. Peter,Ms. Zhao is honored to be here,Made me wait here,Hope to treat you with the friendship of the landlord。”
On the other side’s speech,Peter can’t find the slightest fault,This series of processes seems to come from a big family,Natural and smooth。
When has there been such a butler in Bincheng??