Otaku ends acne face without passing on cheats


Otaku ends acne face without passing on cheats

In winter, women’s sebum secretion is relatively reduced, the skin becomes abnormally dry, and at the end of the year, the food is greasy and easy to get angry, and a series of acne scrambles out.Dear, what can we do?

  Q: Why does acne break out every year?

  A: There are three major reasons for the outbreak of acne at the end of the year.

First of all, the gradually increasing overtime and the overall summary at the end of the year have caused mms to burn their heads, put too much pressure on them, increase their anger, hormonal secretion disorders, and of course acne.

Then, the end of the party surge, too oily, staying up too late, how can acne not come to your door.

In the end, many mm skin care products are too greasy for moisturizing, resulting in poor pore breathing and acne.

  Q: How to apply makeup so as not to aggravate the acne crisis?

  Answer: First of all, before applying makeup, pay attention to the cleanliness of your face. It is best to choose cleansing products that have the function of controlling and cleaning grease.

Then, choose a foundation without a fat formula.

In addition, you should also pay attention to make-up, absorb oil with paper beforehand.

Finally, makeup removal after the party is also the key to preventing acne from getting worse.

  Q: What should be paid attention to in the makeup of acne that has been inflamed?

  A: In fact, you can apply a layer of erythromycin eye ointment on the top part, and then use a concealer specially for acne to cover it.

  Q: Why aren’t the anti-acne products on the market very good?

  A: Actually, most of the cause of acne comes from itself.

Maintenance can only temporarily control or improve the problems that have formed, but cannot solve the problem of acne from the root cause.

Although medicinal products are fast for acne removal, they cannot be used continuously.

To get acne completely rooted, conditioning your body is the key.

  Q: Are products with strong cleansing power effective?

  A: The acne-prone skin is generally oily. Actually, it does not mean that the oil is washed away, and the acne is completely eliminated.

Because the surface of human skin has a layer of water and lipid film composed of lipid and moisture.

If you simply wash off the fat, the water and oil in the skin will be imbalanced artificially, and the sebaceous glands will secrete more oil, making Kiev more greasy.

In addition, products such as scrubs can stimulate acne to worsen and stimulate sebaceous glands to make the situation worse.

Therefore, when acne appears, try not to exfoliate.

  Come and learn how to lower the fire.

  First, Shu Runzhi, use water to extinguish the “dry fire” “dry fire” performance characteristics: blush, pimples, dandruff, itching.

  In fact, when it comes to Qiudong, the most troublesome thing is to do it.

A lot of friends will be frustrated around me. When I stay in the air-conditioned room, my face becomes hot.

People with thin skin or oil are the most sensitive to air conditioning. Thin ones will become very red and oily ones will be even more oily. In fact, they all serve the same purpose and warn that your skin moisture has been absorbed and is now very dry.fragile.

Many people even get a small pimples, a little itchy, red and small, often born on both ends, this is a sensitive signal.

  Solution: Choose those skin care products that are used in the summer to repair after the sun, because the internal principles of the two injured skins are similar, both dehydrated and fragile, so they can be treated the same.

For example, Herborist repairs and repairs ice cream and sherbet after treatment. These products are often extremely mild and contain calming ingredients such as lavender, chamomile, witch hazel, and calendula.Suitable for painting in air-conditioned rooms.

  Second, relax and calm the performance characteristics of “heart fire” and “heart fire”: no acne, slack, and dry yellow.

  Have you been unhappy recently?

Not working well recently?

It ‘s all written on the shells. People who are in high spirits often make acne without pus, even small particles, and touch the sides of their noses. Is it not smooth?

If so, it means that you have been under a lot of pressure recently. If you don’t clean it well, these small and uneven particles will probably grow up.

  Solution: A depressed mood will cause the skin to be dull and slack, just like when you first got off the plane. The skin is actually closely related to the state of the entire person. You are weak and tired, and the skin must be a gourd.Yeah.Actresses always say that the secret to beauty is to drink more water, sleep more, and maintain a good mood.

This is the truth, a woman who is in high spirits will never be beautiful, and it is difficult for the skin with poor sleep to complete self-repair.

  Third, Shu Shunzhi, clear the “internal fire” “internal fire” performance characteristics: with pimples, dry.

  Many people find it very strange. Why is autumn and winter coming, but the peak season of frequent acne?

This is probably because the internal fire is too strong. It is not a problem of the skin itself, but a portrayal of the physical condition on the skin.

  Solution: Generally, the fire is strong in autumn and winter, and it is often related to diet.

Because it needs to keep warm, it will increase the meat’s appetite, especially lamb. The meat itself is hot food, and if you eat it greasy and thick, it will likely cause gastrointestinal burden and constipation.Acne is growing around your mouth, which means that your stomach fire may be a bit strong.

Cook some clear soup.

If it is sweet, you can boil mung bean, lily, white fungus soup, and if it is salty, you can boil some seaweed, radish soup, etc.

Get up every morning and drink a glass of honey water before eating.

Now there is a situation that is particularly noticeable for girls. They are hot and cold, cold hands and feet, and chills, but the anger is very strong, and they always get acne. Girls of this constitution are not easy to “make up”.If it is bad, it will be hotter, if it is not good, it will be colder. It is best to look for Chinese medicine, but remember not to eat seafood, because seafood is “the sun in the yin”, which is the most inappropriate for this constitution.